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one can do pranayama- Kapalbhati and Anulom-Vilom are appropriate

rv mamatha raj

i have a fibroid can u please help me with yoga and diet


I want to encourage women with fibroids to follow Jaki's advice and treat their practice as one designed for pregnant women. I suffered from fibroids, including one very large one on the outside of my uterus. I could feel it in certain poses, especially inversions, in my practice. I worked with diet and other healing modalities, and worked with a yoga teacher to design a practice focused around my second chakra, which included some intense twists. Within days I was hospitalized with severe pain and internal bleeding. I was laid up for a month and recently had surgery to remove my fibroids. (I was left with no other choice.) I honestly believe the intensity of my yoga practice made the fibroids bleed, and ultimately this was a dangerous situation. If I'd treated myself as I would when pregnant -- avoiding twists, undertaking gentle, opening asanas, I might not have ended up in surgery. I believe yoga can be really beneficial for all kinds of health issues, but I think we need to be careful. Neither of my surgeons had ever seen a fibroid bleed as mine did. I want to share my story sot that I can potentially help other women.


I have large uterine fibroids on my left side and have found some poses to actually make them feel worse. I get sharp pains moving in and out of Virabradasana 1. Sadly, the more I practise yoga the worse the pain gets! I have a fairly strong practice, and used to practice 5-6 times a week. I now practice 3-4 times a week because I feel I need the time for the pain to subside before practicing again. I would love to hear which poses to avoid doing, and which can be therapeutic for the fibroids. Thank you!


I have a very large fiboids on my left side. I used to do lots of aerobics type of workout but switched to yoga 2 months ago simply because I've committed to healing myself. Surgery is not my option and I am working to diminish my fibroids through diet and yoga. If anyone can assist me in letting me know the yoga poses that would help my fibroids, I would very much appreciate it.


I have very large fibroids [without symptoms] and have continued my yoga practice for eight years, avoiding any cobra postures when they feel tender. However, I read once where yoga may actually encourage fibroid growth because of it's healing benefits to internal organs. I would like to hear some thoughts on this theory. Thank you Yoga Journal editors and readers.


I have about 8 uterine fibroids which have made my period very heavy and annoying. I used to run every day and lift weights and my periods became very extended. Lately, I have been doing yoga and yoga/pilates about 3 times a week and the opening and inverting of my organs seems to have diminished the effects to a large degree. during reverse swan i can feel them "pull" but the overall effect of letting the area breathe is much better right now than running.

Elizabeth An Heard

I have 2 fibroid tumors on my uterus and they cause much back, bladder, colon pain so I worry about yoga causing more pain which it has done before. I am taking essiac tea to hopefully disolve them since I am not content with them and surgury is not an option right now.


I have a fibroid with two siblings and the siblings have formed in the last few years guess. I also have been practising yoga and trained instructor too. I found youro article very inspiring and am also woroking with my guru to overcomeo this problem without any histerectomy. I do have normal periods and no pain except there is pressure some times on the bladder and also low back pain on the left side if i am having a very long and tiring day.

i will keep you informed about my results as it will be of a great to me and others too and ofcourse to this great science its a great achievement.

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