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Great article! Thanks! :)


All of these articles would be so much better if you were to incorporate photos in your explanations


My spine is naturally curved. I am at a loss as to how to keep it in alignment. I do practice awareness in posture. I just sprained something lifting (a pallet of glass) and it is a hard to figure out what to do (western doctors love to keep you) so who is right?


I have been practicing/teaching yoga since the '70s and while many of my cohorts shrink, I have been able to maintain height into my mid 60's. No thoracic curvature of my spine either...the same back of my youth. Yeah Yoga!


Though its not necessary, what Adrian said, pictures wouldnt hurt :) But the article by itself is so helpful because I think I was suffering from posture problems and this really set me on the right path to better back health.


Thank your article, it has a lot of useful information.
You have worked very hard on it. I was wondering though if it was possible that you and your fellow writers could include succinct summaries of the articles that you write and also include some illustrations? I find it hard to read these long articles.
Please forgive my reading inadequacies.


I stared yoga about six years ago and have heightened by one inch. I must have had poor posture before. Am now 44


The article is wonderful and insightful. As for the young lady with the question of height, doctors can only PREDICT. When your growth plates begin closing, your height will level off; this usually begins with menses. Being tall is an asset -- revel in your height! You are blessed just as you are!


well ive been practicing yoga for 2 years now and although im 30 yrs old everybody is tellin me that i look taller (im 5'2 ) i stand in a different way i way in a different way i feel taller i dont know if i grew taller but i surely feel i gained lenght so i just wish i ve started it sooner:)

Thanks Yoga Journal!

Hey, can somebody answer thsi question. I just turned 15 years old in August, 2008 and I am 5'7 high. Mom is 5'1 and Dad is 5'10. Do you think I'll stop growing at 6'1 like the doctor predicts. Also, I'm a vegan, which has been shows to increase your height (if it's well balanced and well planned, like mine)

Plese respond!

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