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Thank you for your article and a perspective I hadn't previously considered.


Appreciate your caring thoughtfulness. Reminded me much of how my dad (also a psychiatrist) would have shared this thoughts.
Namaste, Mark Epstein!


Thanks for this article. I found important information in this which I can take to my life.

mary ann

thank you for your positive approach to depression. this was insightful and allows the reader too look at the issue more openly. medications allow us not to wallow in worry but to wade through it to opportunities on the other side. Love the article!


Terrific article. So insightful. Thank you.


Thank you for sharing your insight on this matter. Your words come at just the right time. Namaste.


Mental Health issues are as real as diabetes and may need medications to help manage chemical changes in the brain. Depression, bipolar, or other mental health challenges may need the assistance of chemicals to regulate the imbalance which would allow the person to fully appreciate what yoga and meditation can do to help anyone struggling with these type of illnesses. My daughter struggles with an eating disorder, depression and OCD. The right balance of medications help her to move forward and to explore other opportunities to improve her health.


You would never encourage a diabetic to go to a health spa without his insulin in order to go more deeply into his problems. This could kill him! So it is with anti-depressants; falling back into the black hole of depression could kill the depressed person. I speak from experience as I have been hospitalized 6 times for suicidal major depression.

Anti-depressants have saved my life more than a few times. I get angry when someone suggests that these medications make one somehow less oneself. In fact, I believe these medications *allow* one to be more oneself.

This article has some sane answers for the questioning Sally. I appreciate it.


Hello, I am a woman who has Bipolar Disorder. I too take meds for exactly the same reason as MLR. I take mood stabilizers and I don't feel that I ever want to live my life without them again. I wish I could tell Sally that it's ok to take medications when you really need them and if they make you feel better, then who cares what other people think? I've started practicing yoga/meditation recently and see it as something that can supplement my healthy lifestyle, but not instead of my medication.

Grateful Reader

Thank you for this lovely, compassionate, clear-eyed article on dealing with depression. I've dealt with anxiety and depression for much of my life, as have many people in my family. I think many of us struggle for years thinking that we're lousy people because we can't single-handedly lift ourselves out of depression. Simply having someone acknowledge that our struggles are both worthwhile and real is very healing. And simply being able to acknowledge depression without labeling it as good or bad or weak or strong is quite freeing. I learned a lot from this article. While I don't take medication for depression, I strongly believe that those who do should not be stigmatized. We all must find our path as best we can. Anyone who makes that effort, whether by meditation, prayer, yoga, support groups, and/or medication, deserves our support and compassion. My best to all of you.

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