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Hello - I have gone to doctors and even had a colonoscopy and MRI. I teach 6 classes a week as well as a robust home practice. I intuitively felt this was related to hamstring stretch, but convinced myself that was impossible. Thank you


I've been using weights (leg curls at my gym) that my yoga instructor told me to do and it really helps (that said, they still take forever to heal). This happens to me one every two years. Also I went on vacation for 2 weeks and did only about 10 minutes of easy yoga in my hotel room and that significantly improved my hamstring issue. It basically healed almost. I've also been doign AIS (ACTIVE ISOLATED STRETCHING)


Thank you for this, I had exactly this injury during my yoga teacher training and it taught me a great deal. I also found that as well as pushing myself too hard to go down I had not used my quadriceps muscles sufficiently well, in trikon and pasvottanasanas particularly I was hyper extending my knee and putting more pressure on the hamstring (and knee) thankfully it was my hamstring attachment that stopped that. Great piece. thank you again


I too had this problem and thought it was damaged to the tendon at the attachment of the sitbones but following a scan it shows inflammation of the bursa called ischial bursitis or common known as 'weavers bottom'. I think many yogi's with this problem may mistakenly think they have overstretched their hamstrings when in fact it is repetitive strain causing this inflammation.... correct diagnosis is so important so the problem can be managed correctly.

Miguel Reznicek

I'd love to see an article about stretching the hamstrings. I imagine I'd be really good at Yoga if I could touch my toes on a standing forward bend if my hamstrings didn't squeal from pain and prevent it.


Thank you so much. I have had pain in the back of my knee, a liitle in my hip and my sitz bone. I knew they had to be related, but couldn't find anything to back that. Your well written article did. I had been stretching it as that is usually the best thing to do for injuries. I will stop and work on some strengthing. I am a runner, so this has stopped me cold for a few weeks.


I had this pain for years (10). Please look into Active Release Technique (ART). It works!


THANK YOU! I have been living with bilateral ischial tuberosity pain for months. I knew I needed to rest for several weeks to let the area heal, but haven't done it. Now I will!


Ray Fitzgerald

Thanks for that article. I have been dealing with sore hamstrings in the upper hamstring for a few months. I have cut way back on stretching, but didn't know if I should try to strengthen them during the healing process. I will now start some easy hamstring curls at the gym and see how it goes.

I do physical work, and sometimes I am bent over in a hanging position, which only aggravates the problem. Hopefully I can start to resolve this problem over the next few months.

Thanks again,
Ray Fitzgerald

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