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Carol Williams

Where can I get more information about breathing changing the PH level in our bodies?

anjoor kidambi varadarajan

Dear Richard Rosen,
I am pleased about your article on breathing. The style of writing is easy for everyone to grasp the meaning and context of your article. It is heartening to note that a person of different origin than India has mastered the art of yoga and is able to express in lucid language.
my best wishes,

Vinod Gupta

Dear Mr. Richard Rosen,

Thank you for a very fine and important article on Breathing, the soul of yoga.

I am from India and deeply belong to the world of yoga and yogis like you. I also deeply admire the dedication and love with which yoga is being propagated by your Journal and its contributors.

For more than five years now, I have been approaching prominent yoga exponents and forums to assist me with bringing out through publishing some very unique and powerful knowledge in yoga. This concerns my original discovery (or, more accurately, a re-discovery) and research of the Walking Pranayam (Yoga) - a technique and process of synchronized conscious breathing and walking, with enormous health-giving and HEALING potential for cardiovascular, asthma and other breath related-manifested conditions. The true Walking Yoga is the Pranayam of pranayams.

Mainstream publishers in the USA are not learned or interested enough to respond to a potential author like me from India. Therefore, I need help/advice from friends/professionals/forums like yours to share my intensely practical knowledge with not only the world of yoga, but the world at large. I have already sent a copy of my Manuscript to the US Library of Congress to protect my intellectual property, and have received their Cerificate of Copyright Registration.

Thanking you for this opportunity, I look forward to hear from you in reponse to this message

Best Regards

Vinod Gupta
New Delhi

Albert Wang

Only the real master can tell you this excellent theory. I like the truth that"When you first try to look at your breath, the experience may feel akin to that of a fish attempting to describe water"


I love the meditation queing! thank you


The breath is really responsable for every felling that pass in our mind .Knowing more about it,we can control better oursleves.


Thank you for the effort you put to overwhelm the readers of so many benefits.


Exllent artical ifound it so useful spcialy for my well read son ,who is more net savy then moma"preaching him .Iam thankful to you I am practise this for last 15 years.Ihopemysonalso practise this who is doing his managment.

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