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To know your True Self is to know you are not the "I" or the "Me."


Thank you for this article.


To Beffie: You forgive yourself. And you know that you did the best you could AT THAT TIME.


The haunting can give you release. See it as negative karma being worked out. See it as awareness.


Can you please post when this article appeared, or was printed? Thank you.


The line "My actions are my only true belongings" worries me. What about all the actions I've done in my past that I'm not proud of - how can I stop them from haunting me?


Dear Ziggy
I agree with those who say there is so much more than asana in yoga. My sister died of MS a few years ago and prior to her death she was deteriorating over a period of 9 years losing what most of us would think of as quality of life but in one stage after another. In all of that her strength showed through in her sense of humour even when she had lost the ability to speak and eat. Something enabled her to keep going and she never expressed to my knowledge that she wanted to give up. She had never practised yoga but she was an inspiration. I think that there is always something positive to be taken from each moment in spite of life's inevitable difficulties.


Ziggy, you should have seen on Larry King the young girl (early twenties) in her hospital bed after the amputation of one of her legs - she was a volunteer in Haiti and had she said she is lucky to be alive! and there are many more examples when people come out victorious from similar tragedies. tennis and yoga are not the most important things in life. Did Gandhi or Albert Schweitzer and many like them, play tennis? Nope! Were they some of the happiest people on earth? You bet!

ntathu allen

Dear Ziggy _ I am real sorry to hear about your partner's knees. yes, knees are designed to flex, bend and move and to support us as we move from A - B. It must be hard for you and your partner to adapt to the changes. That's why i love yoga. It is such a beautiful practise and offers us so much more than the asanas/scope to explore the relationship between our mind body souls - I pray as your journey unfolds, both you and your partner regain the joy and beauty of living. On a personal level I am going through a very long and as I say painful divorce. However as I read this article and pondered over the words i realise how my words, mindset - "painful divorce" so keeps me locked in the past, the pain and suffering of a painful divorce . As I meditated on the article I realise this painful divorce is in fact a "Very Liberating Process" - kinda like a rebirthing -it is a wonderful opportunity for me to re-evaluate, revisit and re-create old beliefs and step forward into a brave new world. My challenage is to release my attachment to the pain and suffering and see this process for what it is. Change. Thank you for a real insightful article


Ziggy and others, it is change that must be embraced. I think embrace is not necessarily easy and joyful, it can be difficult and grief ridden, but it is the only way that works, so there really is no alternative.... I have intermitent pain from a severe car crash, so i know that the path must be travelled, and that means climbing and bad weather along the way, life is full of thorns and ultimately decay and death, but in each day find joy where you can.

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