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recovering from a bulging disc in L3, have done yoga for 30 years and now am honestly afraid to do any of this for fear that I am making it worse.

Loren Fishman

Dear Verne,

To do any combo of these poses properly, you must first know what the cause of your pain is. Back pain, even with sciatica, is just a symptom...just as a rash could have different causes, so can back pain. To get a sequence that will really help, you need the diagnosis. If you know yours, tell me. If you don't, I encourage you to find out!


Loren Fishman

Dear Yessy,

This may be patellofemoral arthralgia, a sign of chondromalacia patellae. I'd see a physiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon to find out: simple X-ray may be enough. To make the pose painless, put a block next to a wall (so it doesn't slip) and go up into the bridge (setu bandasana) with the balls of your feet on the block. - Loren Fishman

Loren Fishman

Dear Helen Maupin,

Please see our books "Yoga for Back Pain," and "Relief is in the Stretch" for a helpful and safe sequence during pregnancy. Your body weight is up and differently distributed, your posture has changed, your gait is totally shifted and your sleep is confined: But a lot is still possible. I was there when Mr. Iyengar had his daughter stand on her head in her 9th month.

Loren Fishman, M.D. B.Phil., (oxon.)
New York City

Loren Fishman

Dear Helen Maupin,

Please see our book, "Yoga for Back Pain" for a safe and effective sequence. The added weight and different distribution, fetal movements, new sleeping restrictions, and altered gait all contribute to back pain during pregnancy. We have a chapter that covers it. I saw Mr. Iyengar have the mother of his first grandchild stand on her head in her 9th month!

Loren Fishman, M.D.

Helen Maupin

I have a student who has reached her 30th-week of pregnancy and is beginning to have some back discomfort. Can you recommend a sequence to ease this?

Yessy Question

Hello , I have a question about bridge
I usually have pain ander the caps of my knees
I tried diferent position of my feet , but dosen't work
Do you have any suggestion?


Please put these into a nice sequence !


it would be nice to have a sequence.

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