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I have had sciatica for years off and on. Finally went in for MRI, about 18 months ago... herniated disk.. doc suggested I try using one of those hang-up-side-down tables. so I bought one and every time I have sciatic pain, I hang for about 10 minutes and voila! It goes away. In the past year I have had almost no pain at all.

Kathy L.

Bowen Therapy is very helpful for sciatica.


I have found ice packs to work for me, than heat. Ice reduces inflammation and soothes heat and lower back. I like the inversions table as well.
Sorry but ice and inversion is the best.


I have sciatica due to bulging disk. I agree with the heat over ice treatment. I find much relief after bathing in hot water with epsom salt for 30-45 minutes. I also add sea salt, mineral salt (real salt), iodized salt, a few slices of fresh ginger, some cinamon bark, a few bags of black or green tea, and eucaliptus or lavender oil for aromatherapy. It's a miracle. Also ingesting fresh aloe has helped a lot with inflamation.

Nikki M

As a licensed acupuncturist I strongly disagree with the cryotherapy (Icing) the low back. It will vasoconstrict the muscles even more and will result in more chi stagnation. Most of my patients who have iced the low back don't find much relief and after using heat, they report substantial improvement in pain relief. My advice is try heat before ice.


II had suffered from mild sciatica for years and the tension in my left leg kept the muscles tight, preventing me from achieving good stretches. But six years ago I began using an inversion table and is hanging upside down for a few minutes, twice a day. My sciatica was almost completely relieved and my yoga practice has improved immensely. I do headstand and shoulderstand but the more intense traction of hanging by my feet seems to be the key to relief for me.

Andrea LMP

This article had some good ideas for folks suffering from sciatica. However, there is a range of physical issues that can be the cause for the sciatica pain. These issues range from tight piriformis to a bulging disc in the lumbar spine.A diagnosis is advised, as some movements or exercises may exacerbate the injury/issue and possibly cause further injury & pain.


The decription under "acupressure" really applies tp trigger point therapy. Acupressure works the energy meridians.

Bunny Suraiya

Adrian, this is a great exercise for sciatica and was recommended by my physiotherapist AFTER my spasming muscles were relaxed by a week's session of diathermy and ultrasound. The exercise is one of several, and they work like a chrm

David Adams

I first got sciatica a decade ago when I torn a yoga. I sought out a lot of different treatments including physio, shiatsu, TCM, regular physician. Nothing worked.

Somehow I discovered Active Release Treatment (ACT). It's been a godsend. Back then I found a chiropractor (Gerry Ramogida) here in Vancouver Canada where I live. Within 6-8 treatments the sciatica had disappeared.

The sciatica remained a non-issue until about three years ago. I went back to Gerry and in 8-10 sessions it disappeared again.

I have an active yoga practice and in the last six months the sciatica has been non-existent. Thanks Gerry!

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