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When I began to use 3-5 lb weights my practice became much stronger and I never shake. The practice is called iron yoga.


This is a useful reminder and I love the idea of 'trying easier' - nicely and succinctly put. I've heard the idea of 'hugging muscles to the bone' before, however sadly this doesn't mean anything to me in practice! I don't know whether everyone else gets this and it's just one of the challenges of hypermobility, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions how I can create this sensation in my body - let me know!
You'll have my certain gratitude.


Just like Lori... I am just starting to practice daily and this morning i was literally shaking like a leaf. Great info.


Just like Lori... I am just starting to practice daily and this morning i was literally shaking like a leaf. Great info.

Albert Wang

It is excellent information about the muscles. Why some people seem thinker or weaker but their strength are stronger than the others. It is their all fibers involving to work. We have to practice day by day, not hurry, and step by step to let the all fibers to work. It sometimes would takes half or even few years. Thank you for the good theory.


This was perfect timing for me as well. I have just started working on one of my weaker areas, and I had some major shakes. Reading this when I got back from class today, I had to smile. :-)


Perfect timing, I'm fairly new to yoga and last week after the 3rd day in a row, major shakes, a few days later and I was back to normal. Thanks for the great information, I've just started receiving these daily newsletters and every one of them has been of benefit.


better a little shaking now than a lot of shaking later


My physio has told me that quivering can also occur when you have an injured muscle, as it is already fatigued after being under constant strain in day-to-day movement, even before you start to put load on it in asanas.


In response to feeling the stretch even though you are not very flexible. It is true what your teacher told you. Everybody has different degrees of flexibility and genetics can also play a role in it. You get the same benefit by stretching to YOUR edge. I am also a yoga instructor and in certain poses, I am not flexible because that is just the way my anatomy is. The way to increase your flexibility is just to have patience and practice the poses regularly. Namaste

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