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Thank you for this in-depth look at Mula Bandha. Its very refreshing to read about the depth, philosophy and meaning of the technique. As opposed to hearing about the physical, and many times erroneous, simplification some you teachers use in class.


"By practicing Mula Bandha, you gain a real sense of the central axis of the body," says Freeman, a student of Jois. "You learn to move from the lower belly, feeling the pelvic floor and letting it participate in aligning the body. It will help you integrate the movements of the body and give you the sense that you are composed of radiance...One becomes juicier, more intuitive, more sensitive, and more able to express feeling with the entire body through every movement." Love this.


The instruction on feeling the lift at the very end of the exhalation was one of the most useful things I have read in a LONG time - I was never been able to "get" Mula Bandha and after 3 pregnancies became somewhat out of touch with my pelvic floor.
Kegels and even Pilates have failed to accomplish what this article did, thanks again! Still waiting to feel this "inner lightness of being" but I'll definitely keep trying.
BTW another reader suggested using the print option to view longer articles; that works very well ;.)


There is an excellent and definitive book on the subject of mula-bhanda titled "Moola bhanda, the Master Key" by Swami Buddhanda. I had always been confused and mystified by accounts from teachers and from the net (including the above article) concerning this fundamental topic, but this short book, which I found following a reference in Swenson's Ashtanga Practice Manual , is exhaustive and completely clear, and made a big difference to my practice.


Thanks for this in-depth and unbiased look at a difficult concept. I now have a much clearer understanding of the root lock and its importance.
One suggestion: please date each of these articles, it would help me see how YJ is evolving.

Chris Bagby

I finally had to abandon reading this interesting article because of the extremely annoying Omega-3 ads which zoom across the ad boxes. Hardly the imagery of the inner stillness of yoga. Yoga Journal, come on, honor your readers, not just kowtow to your advertisers. A "calmer" ad would beget longer attention on the page, and possibly just as many if not more clicks.


Great article! As a mom of 3 and a long-time but definitely middle-aged yogini, I think this was exactly what was needed to kickstart my morning - thanks again!

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