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I do 15 minutes of deep breathing every morning and during work and whenever I get time. It's really soothing and calming. And it keeps me composed whole day. Along with it I also do 5 minutes of meditation. One interesting thing that I got was Santhosa. I never did that. I will surely start practicing it.

Yours is a nice blog. I bookmarked and keep on visiting . thanks

Alice Chan

a wonderful and timely reminder to all to live life with gratitude rather than expectations and entitlements which actually cause more sadness and disappointments.


I practice Om meditation every night. Dr. Wayne Dyer one of my favorite spiritual teacher as a guided Om meditation that you can do every night before you go to sleep. Find your self a nice quiet place where you will not be disturb or embarrassed to make the sound Om and indulged yourself into this Om gratitude meditation


Renee, Kumara said he read that in a magazine. He didn't say he belived that. Happiness, and gratitude are positve uplifting feelings that bring us joy!, Thanks


Kumara, I do not believe that unhappiness is tied into being ungrateful..everyone strives to be happy and in some cases, that goal is unmet. One may be unhappy in their career or job, but happy in their marriage, or unhappy in their marriage, but cherishes their friendships. Everyone wants to be happy, sometimes we just don't know how to get there...also, our goal should be JOY which is a greater level than just being happy.

patrizia mazou

Thank you !

patrizia mazou

Thank you !


You're spot on Linda. You hit the nail on the head.
I once read a line in a letter a reader sent to a magazine which said, "All unhappy people are ungrateful people."


In a perfect world, you could sit with family members, in-laws,etc. and follow this advice. However, most of us put up with toxic people that cause emotional trama no matter how good we treat them. In these circumstances one is better-off to be kind to youself and avoid get-togethers (holidays,etc.), just because society says we "should" be doing these things (celebrations). This year I bought myself flowers, a pretty tablecloth, made a nice meal, and apprreciated the fact that I was "able" to do this" kind" thing for myself. I listened to a PBS radio station that had someone on reciting Thanksgiving poems, as I ate my meal. I was grateful for whatever it was that directed me to turn on the radio- the poems were beautiful and inspiring. I had a great day without family drama. My message-belive in yourself when you feel alone in this world, and people don't treat you the way they should. I apprieciate "them" for making me realize the strength within myself to appriciate all that this universe has to offer.~Thanks Yoga Journal for your fine writers and articles~Linda


Simple meditation excersize to develop inner gratutude: Simply sit quietly, anytime, any place. Take your thought to any event. Start reflecting on the chain of events as an observer. Try to stay non-judgemental, as a moderator would do. Just watch the possibilities unfold. Enjoy your world view as it unravels joy around you!

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