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I like your approach very much. More bone building poses and advice, please.


what yoga poses are recommended when a 50+ woman is going through negative stress of relationship?


Yes, I am approaching the big 60 and still teach ten Yoga classes a month. Mt class is a middle aged group that can really work hard. They have learned to modify with their changing bodies and that is the key.

Sudipta Sarkar

I was searching for some article on Yoga dedicated only to women. I found this great. I am practicing Yoga from past few years. I am 25 and now i know, which poses are going to help me as i go through various phases of my life.


I feel like the article is missing a bit. While it is supposed to be about women's lifelines it wanders back and forth and is too filled with normal yoga postures which we can get from many sources. It also does a HUGE dis-service to women in their 60's and 70's and older. There is nothing about yoga for us except that the featured 'star' knows that there is more to yoga then just the poses. Yes! There is!

I am in my 60's. I can do all of the poses I did in my 20's; all however show a bit more weight on my body. I still go to yoga classes. I am, however, in classes taught by women in their 20's and 30's who do not always know what to do or say to me about how to modify a pose. True, I am the oldest by far, in most classes, but I know that yoga does benefits me greatly and can benefit other women my age. When we cut off women in their second half of life as not being worthy of recognition we are doing a dis-service to them and to ourselves .. for it is no secret that everyone gets older.

I emailed the author about my concern and got no response.

Dinaz. Srivastava

I am 55 years old, while walking i had a knee injury & i am not abale to do any of my yoga properly please advice


Encouraging words from the girl in her senior year in high school was great. As I begin to care about all the women around me, I can be more aware of their stage in life and the specific needs that presents them. Thank you for addressing the changes in a woman's life and how yoga can benefit each one.

Sandra B.

Yes the article is very good, and at the age of 59 I recently began doing triathlons, what a great sport and yoga, pilates, and weight training all help keep the body supple and injury free. Thanks for the great articles in Yoga Journal, I love the magazine and website. Namaste

Judi G.

I am just over 50 yrs of age married for 28 yrs, raised two children and helping raise two grandchildren; this is where I am in life. I love this article. Being active all my life, while single and raising afamily, doing mtn biking, backpacking, hiking, rafting, and some rock climbing, and practicing some Pilates; yoga is perfect for me at this time in my life. I'm ready to slow the pace down and learn what it is to meditate and come to a place of serenity (quite) while still benefiting from the physical activity of Yoga. Thank you Yoga Journal, I love your magazine that offers encouragement as well as example of where I could arrive some day with continual practice.

cathy geier

I am very bothered by the author's comment about women beign athletic well inot their 60s. So? What else is new? Women are activ eintheir 790s and 80s. Thisis a subtle and yet uncalled for kind of de-aging and age-disicrimination.
Yoga friends, shame on you for letting this sneak in.

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