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I agree with Jenna, at 21 I just started yoga. I realized I'd used it for years as a runner but had never called it by that name. It is now what helps keep me centered throughout my day and what helped me learn my "worth" as a person. I am excited to begin using meditation and the tips in this article. Beautifully written!

Veena Grover

This is the most wonderful article,explain everything,how to be energetic,surrender & actively calm & calmly active.
Explanation of Savasana has been very well demonstrated & applied. All my students loved this article & they get inspired by these articles & explanations.
Blessings & namaste.veena.


I think this article is awesome! I am 17 years old and started moderate yoga about 6 months ago now...I have always been very athletic and I began to see how much yoga helped me in so many other ways. I now do yoga everday and it keeps me calm, relaxed healthy and it even encourages me to make other healthy decisions in my life! I truly love yoga; it is very addicted! I hope to continue it throughout my stages of life!


i think this was a wonderful article demonstrating more fully how a dedicated yoga practice can benfit us, specifically females. too often i find our western culture has focused yoga solely on fitness when it is in fact about much much more than that. thanks for bringing to light the other benefits of yoga.


This is a nice article but I would have liked to see it go further in age. My mother has just started practising some yoga with me - she's 78 and I am 50. What about a piece for 75+ who are just starting. Surely with care, it's never too late to start :-)

sue emmott

I'm a long way from the first pose but thought it might tantalise you to see the potential. Most of the others are pretty easy. Not suggesting you read this!


I am bothered bty one of the last comments" women can have vigorous into their 60's. it sounds demenaing. I am 60. I intend to do yog ainto my 90's. Certainly I migh tnever do a splits or drop backwards into a wheel pose, but I have doen those poses when I was younger adn I look and feel good when I do yoga.

Chitown Guru

I find this article to be quite informative for women indeed...although the frequent point I find it to be rather dissapointing is within some of the reader's commentary.

In the Western world, the emphasis is always the outer facade, the body, the physical outward appearance.

The word "yoga" means "to unify" or "to yoke".
The unification of your interdependence.
Your mind, your spirit, your soul, your inner self, along with being present in your body.

To constantly be seeking other's approval for your body type is futile. Why fret over a "model" in a posture you are fully aware isn't proper for your type?
Why are you pumping energy in comparisons in the first place?
Yoga isn't a competition with's building a foundation and competing with yourself.

Yoga isn't meant to bring grief or depression.
It's meant to empower you.
Reading the angst of those that aren't lithe and limber are missing the deepest lessons of yoga's teachings.

I have skinny friends I teach with no strength and can hardly reach their toes...and I have fuller, softer friends I teach who can do the splits.

Regardless of what they are capable of doing physically, it's the intention they bring to their practice that yields the greatest results.
Discipline is an absolute neccessity, and condeming another because he or she can hold some "insane" posture such as Pincha Mayurasana for ten minutes doesn't take away from the fact that you can hold yourself in Adho Mukha Svanasana for 10 seconds.

That you can becoming so uneasy with yourself with comparisons to other yogis (by viewing pictures??! will defeat your purpose.
Don't blow yourself out over ego.
A loose person simply needs to take their practice farther to get to the same place as a tight person.

You have to love yourself on the mat as well as off, regardless of your jean size. If that's your main focus, you should highly reconsider your intention of your practice.

There are so many modifications of every one of these poses featured in this article alone. And each of these poses are very appropriate for both men as well as women.
This article happens to translate these poses to explain the benefits of specific stages for a woman's life.
Again, make it accessible for you.
The greatest teacher is already within you.

If you've lost this lesson, then you've lost your practice.

Ask your teacher or local gurus to help you with modifications, or research the options instead of claiming victimization for lack of accessability.

You make it accessable.

An article in anything like Yoga Journal is meant as a guide, an idea, a starting point to a journey that is present throughout this existance, if you choose to take it.

The power is in your hands.


i thought that yoga was for inner peace more than outer asthetics. the pictures strike me as more of a guide and inspiration than a fashion statement.

also - yoga has traditionally been for men and now it's just as strictly for women. yoga should be for everybody and i'd like to see more articles that i could send to my husband

Jamie 2

I have to agree with Sarah. These all look like healthy, happy women. Underweight is a model on the run way, whose bones stick out and who has no body fat. These women are at a healthy weight for them. I look up to women like them.

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