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Thank you for your article. I'm a senior citizen and I've practiced yoga for 8 years on a very regular basis. Now it's been 6 months since I've even done one Sun Salutation because I've been too busy! I can feel the stiffness and my BP has risen. Hopefully your article will be an inspiration to get back in!

ellen S. Siegel

as your yoga teacher begins class, try keeping your eyes closed.... (before the chant begins) totally concentrating on the beauty of sound chanting with a group can bring... you will truly feel the vibration ... with time you will feel much more comfortable. it was only after I had chanted within the yoga community that I could even begin to chant alone with myself!


Thank you for the article. Just reading it was restorative. Imagine how helpful it will be to practice namaha. My son was killed 2-1/2 years ago at age 21, and Yoga has been the best help for me to go on living. This is another step forward.

Laurie Brekke

Julie, you may need to carve some time out of your day or find a place you can practice alone. Also, talk with your husband and explain how important this is to you and ask that he respect you by respecting your practice. See if maybe he can take the kids for a walk or have them spend daddy time somewhere not in your vicinity. Good luck!


I hear that loud and clear. I can only seem to meditate when alone as well. Can't even think about chanting in front of anyone, let alone try it. :<)



Julie's comments made me laugh, in a good way. It's an example of what I call "Yoga in the real world", living with spouses and children who do not practice yoga. It can be difficult, especially if one does not have a private place for practice.

Persevere Julie, and good luck with your practice.


Julie, chant to your hearts content, my sons 15 & 17 have through the years called me many things including freak, hippy, and they are the kinder terms! However I have noticed recently it has ceased, they walk around and take no notice. My youngest even joins me outside under the stars & moon and will tell me he too can feel the healing light from them. Breathe and chant - and maybe the sound resonating through them will alter they way they feel about it! Eventually.

Julie Brooker

A great article and I will use this information on a daily basis. But I will have to admit, that sometimes I feel embarassed chanting and meditating with my husband and children present. Probably because, during one of my practices, I got quite upset when they proceeded to walk over my mat at their leisure and on that day I was labelled a 'freak'. I am trying to get over my new found insecurity by meditating when I am alone; which is not often. Well then, there you have it.


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