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Pride, self respect, being true to myself, being authentic, having a voice, these feelings are difficult to manage with "letting go"strategy, when is the perfect balance?


Hi kristin, I understand it. It happened so many time. But I keep meditate on the the resistance itself. I keep observing the root cause like is it me who created this or its my husband or its the circumstances. I also meditated on what would be the pros and cons if I keep having this feeling...Sometimes I sit and write to clarify the resistance. It happen that after two or three days I am able to either able to ignore it or I get the solution..


This article is written very well and is very beautiful. Most importantly it is short and precise. .thanks for this article


I have been resisting since I was born. Now, at 55, I want to let go, sometimes I cry from the bottom of my heart but most of the time I am stiff and resist and resist and the outcome is rheumatoid arthritis. When will I stop fighting against my own truth? Or is it what I am fighting about. It seems that any students on the path of meditation encounter energy block. Why? Even though I have been meditating for 30 years, I feel that it is breaking me apart. May be, the SELF, is trying to come out. How can I teach yoga that way?
You can email me if you want.


This morning I woke up. I decided not to directly rush to the shower, but take time to read this article that has popped up in my email. It is changing my way of thinking. From feeling stuck and negative in all directions, I started understanding the mechanism of resistance. So I meditated for a while and every bit fell in the right place. For me it is a past happening that has conditioned my thoughts and feelings. It is a fear that blocks all my spaciousness. Finally there is clarity and finally Im chosing at least for a couple of weeks to sit through fear and meditate. I hope Ill work out my old layers and habits to create space for loving through focussing on seeing clearly, accepting and letting go.


I feel like I have a resistance to something but I cannot figure it out. It's like I have a wall up inside me that will not break down. I want to have the feeling of ease and relaxation but I cannot get to that point.


I encountered this the other night. I was literally fleeing from a situation, then I stopped and asked myself what is the problem, why am I scared. At that moment it seemed like I could think and was relaxed instead of feeling panic and fear! I love yoga and meditation it has taught me so much!


The same for muscles. in massage we get painful knotts, in your mind ask your self the same thing and when the answer arises then say this does not belong to me and push thru the knott goes away, thanks


I have found that by yielding I find greater peace with any situation...internal or external


resistance may also be a manifestation of a deeper rooted emotion
meditation allows this emotion to surface
to be viewed by the beholder in a new light
now when resistant occurs again in a situation the root emotion can be address and recognized as non -threatening as the original situation that caused this emotion to imprint
just my thoughts on this one....Thanks

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