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Jahna Perricone

Hi! Success is an interesting concept when it comes to meditation because it depends on what one is looking for in meditating. The primary essence that I've learned is that meditation is a practice and that it grows and expands as I show up for it. There are times when I have that blissful feeling and am able to let all worries and concerns go and then there are times when the thoughts are present but I'm able to separate myself from them so that I don't take them quite as seriously. I feel that I've had 'success' from both of thees experiences. Main thing for me is to simply be willing to "show up for meditation"! Good luck friend.


Chris, I just started today as part of the 21 day challenge. Tried 5 mins focus on breathing and 5 mins chanting om. Tomorrow I'll try focussing on an image. So far prefer breathing - and it wasn't difficult.

Veena Grover RYT

Meditation's first technique is not to be anxious about meditation.Practice some yoga moves,surrender yourself to higher power,sit quiet,external eyes closed,internal eyes opened.Spine erect,if possible sit on the floor,Keep blanket under your tail bone to raise your spine & root your but cheeks on the blanket,drop your knees & sit quietly,let the thoughts float,welcome them like guests,don't be angry or hostile,enjoy the inner peace with deep breath.Inhale, deep through nose & exhale deeper & slower through nose & let go or release the tension. Good Luck


Hi there... Has anyone started meditation for the first time and had some success? I'd like to get started and some motivation from another newcomer would help. If you are starting too and want to share advice, send a comment!

julie wilbur

meditation and yoga help me to release myself and forgive myself so i can heal from the ravages of alcoholism.


i cant seem to focus on even the basics of meditation. i'd like to learn how to have more patience in everything i do.

ratna gita S - Indonesia

very difficult to manage my mind, but I'll try and try again


It is a very well-written article. I find that the everyday practice of meditation brings immense peace and joy. On some days my mind wanders more than on others but I do it everyday, anyway and that has made a huge difference. I practice the Art of Living meditation along with the Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique.
~~ Maya
"In meditation you get access to the quiet mind, to that something in you which can bring more energy to you, In meditation you get access to the intuitive ability which is deep within you" ~~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


How can I keep my legs from falling asleep?


very dificult to start!! , but the simple process you describes, works very good with the latin women

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