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Michael Hutchinson

This is a very brave and honest article about facing fears in a challenging inversion, with lots of useful points along the way. It's not just inversions that can spark off fears; I had to overcome some issues with Bhujangasana about 20 years ago.
Just one question, who is saying that Adho Mukha Svanasana is contraindicated during pregnancy? Our understanding here in the UK is quite the opposite!


This is very inspiring. Although I am young and have only been practicing for a few years, handstands have caused me so much grief. It has gotten to the point where I avoid going to classes with instructors that include handstand in the practice. I just hate the feeling of failing and being the only one who cannot do it in class. This article inspires me to banish the thoughts that tell me my body just wasn't made to do handstands and instead keep practicing to get it.


Though I'm 21,I'm quite strong and practice yoga for 3 years, handstand still terrifies me. Thank you for such inspiration, now I'm ready to try harder than ever.


I'm a student and I picked up yoga last year to help with stress and to stay in shape. But, I have been afraid to start working on hand stand poses because I think I am not in good enough shape. I fall into the same beating myself up about my body trap that you describe. I feel like this article is a great encouragement to all of us who have been in that place, and now I will commit to myself to start working on my handstands and balances more consistently. Thank you for the wonderful, uplifting article.

Linda, "yogalady8"

Thank you for your great article!! I just turned 62, and have been avoiding my yoga practice. The other day I received an email from a woman who had a mastectomy and reconstruction, who would like me to help her with a healing routine. As a yoga instructor, I know I can do this, but I have been beating myself up about not being in shape. You give me even more reason to "get back in the program!" I can't very well tell this lady what to do, and not do it myself!! Your article caused me to stop and ask, "what am I afraid of?' If I can do this for others, why not me? You reminded me to love myself, and allow myself to feel and release the fear of going forward. I have already contacted another yoga teacher about working with me on my fears. Thank you so much!!


I am 78 years of age and am so delighted to see the standing handstand described, as it is easier for me accomplish but am still working on the "standard" kick-up after more than 5 years of practice. I learned many tips from this article that I hope to put into finally kicking up - not from the standing position. Thank you.

Easton Bryan

The article on handstand is great, reminding me of my own struggle 10 years ago. I've been a runner most of my life, nearly '70' now and have balanced running with yoga, deciding about 10 years ago to help my declining upper body strength with adhomukhavrksasana. All the difficult feelings of failure including shame and frustration occurred again and again until one day I tried visualization. I rehearsed the scene mentally several times, including tilting my head down into an arc leading my body as I kicked up....success! I've never looked back since, and handstand is the best part of my yoga day. Namaste


Thank you for having the courage to write this article. It touched me. It was exactly what I needed to read at this moment. I am a certified yoga instructor and handstand has always been such a difficult asana for me. I remember when I was finally able to do go into this pose on my own. It was such a liberating amazing feeling! I have not done the pose in a awhile out of fear and because of this I have not felt like I should be teaching others. So many things in your article hit home with me. I am ready to get out there and say "bring it on." Thank you again :o)

phyllis holmes

hey, a wonderful article.
I have taught yoga for many years, have often done handstand with my own teacher over the years but lost the confidence to do myself. Therefore my class suffers because I don't teCH IT, THEY SAY NO! bUT i KOW THE REALITY IS ME. i WILL BE PRACTISING FOR THE NECT WEEK AND FETCH THIS INTO CLASS POSITIVELY THENKAYOU.


This is such an important article, thank you for writing it. Handstand has also been my battle and I say to myself 'lifte by angels wings' every time I try. Sometimes (last week for exanple) I was fine, flying up there but this week not a chance. Hey, we're not superhuman eh. But I will definately try the ideas of the strap on upper arm, the relaxing the trapesius etc. Great ideas. NB I also use a boulster and put an second folded mat in front of it to take the pressure off my wrists (broken both in last 5 years) which also helps. Namaste xx

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