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Thanks i was ready to give up yoga because all it did was hurt even though i am in pretty nice shape. With this info on shoulders im ready to go back and see how it is. Remember if your shoulder hurts or a weak dont lift your shoulder up to your head or extend your arms all the way you would just hurt your shoulders more in the long run. Remember you are trying to get healthly and destorying your shoulders isnt smart and wouldnt help.


I have had a problem with shoulder sublextion and dislocation should I do downward dog? I am worried I will "pop" it out during yoga class as it seems any weight or strain on it when extended causes the joint to pop. I have had rotator cuff surgery 9 years ago but it seems to have loosened.


What if you've already GOT shoulder impingement? Can you give any advice on that? Thanks.


My elbows hyperextend and I find this pose very uncomfortable on my elbows so I have been advised to rotate my hands slightly so that the fingers pointinwards rather than forwards, does this effect the above instructions?


Two things. First I appreciate this article very much. I have found that the external rotation of the rotator cuff helps to create a more direct line of energy between my hips and my shoulders when I am in downward dog. It is a pleasant feeling and I think strengthens the sides of my body in a way that feels good, as well as opening more space to breathe.

To Liz. Have you considered incorporating a restorative sequence into your daily practice? or even once a week for a full session. Judith lasiter has a great book on this. The restorative practice will give you some time and space to rest this part of your body and allow it to speak to you. If you spend some time in dialogue with it, you may sensitize yourself more such that it becomes more clear how to support your shoulders properly in your vinyasa sequences.


Hi, I'm very aware of trying to keep my external rotators engaged in down dog, and my elbows by my sides through chatarunga (sp?) but have developed tendonitis in my shoulders - near the spine of the scapula you describe. I was wondering if you had any other suggestions? In general, I am very strong (I used to swim) but have been increasingly experiencing tightness and tenderness across my upper back. I practice a power vinyasa flow style, almost daily.

Thank you!


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