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I think my problem is this misalignment of the Sacroiliac Joint! I've been feeling this non-painful "thing" in my lower back on the left side after certain movements and ive felt it for over a year.


This was a great article! I have issues with my QL's, the head of my quads and my psoase muscles. I get regular deep tissue massage and ice , rest and re injure , I am not sure of the path for recovery here. Would love some suggestions.

Denyse Peterson

To Susan: I teach Silver Yoga, where we do yoga sitting in a chair! I suggest going to a Senior Yoga training where these issues are addressed. Because I am Yogafit trained, I took this class from them and it has enhanced my practice as well as my students, who are not able to get down on the floor. Check out their website


Becky, I would urge you to see a doctor for x rays, especially if pain begins to radiate down your leg. Do you remember doing something specific before the pain began?

Mathilde's answer is amazing!


Thank you for the article. I would love to see a similar one on feet issues. I hyper-extended the bottom of my feet by accident. So, for example, dog down is extremely painful for me unless I am very careful and support the feet. I love yoga and feel it would help me greatly but I am wary of re-injuring my feet since it takes so long to heal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


If you look at yoga through the well-studied lens of athletic training, then injuries may also be a result of three other variables: Increasing the frequency, duration, or intensity of practice more than, say, 10 percent a week, to use a running benchmark.


Susan, 1st I guess they can at least practise tadasana, and this seems to me essential as a basis for daily life and other standing poses. Overweight people often suffer from hyperlaxity (genu recurvatum /valgum, in that case, feet (tied) together and a soft ball/pair of socks between the knees can be challenging and very effective on a "long "run). Having them "working" on the conscious balance on their feet, active arch ("sucked in", it helps to raise the toes to feel it), and alignment (you may use a plumb line in profile : ear holes, shoulder joints, hip joints and heels on a vertical line. Then depending of the pose you can make them use a (folding metal) chair, (or across a bench) to rest their horizontal thigh. Or practise lying on their back with the feet against a wall (one foot if in tree pose). The rooting is important, so bend the knees to adjust then stretch, (no over-stretching). I found this idea with uttitha parsvakonasana (but other variations are possible) for an elderly man who had had a heart attack, and then found it to be very effective for everybody, provided you adjust precisely. Hoping this is clear enough, english not being my mother tongue. You may also get inspired by Sandra Jordans book : Yoga during Pregnancy. Or articles books about props (or ropes...). A standind pose on a swiss ball is great too. Or they may practise together : holding hands (head to tail for exemple in virabhadra II ) or a stick (face to face) according to the pose, being a counterpoise for each other.

Susan Goetz

How can I plan a class in which I have 2 women that can't do any standing poses because of their weight?


How can I find someone to help me with SI joint? I am a new yoga teacher and have begun to experience pain just to the left of my sacrum. I want to do what I can to take care of it before it turns in to a real problem. Thanks for the great article.

helen gofeld

Precise, clear, and to the point. Exactly what i value. We need more articles like that. Great reference. Thank you.

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