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Jackie Hayden

I don't understand the heading that says, "See the Divine in everything, when you practice bhakti, the yoga of devotion." What diviine is their in AIDS, rape, poison,murder, cancer etc?

Bhaktin Suzana

"Bhakti-yoga teaches us the science of loving every one of the living entities perfectly by the easy method of loving Krishna... If we learn how to love Krishna, then it is very easy to immediately and simultaneously love every living being. It is like pouring water on the root of a tree or supplying food to one's stomach."
--Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Bhakti yoga is the topmost yoga platform, the highest on the yoga ladder. all other yogas are centering steps for some Souls to get to this platform. However, one may take to Bhakti (Devotional Service and the Science of Self Realization) by taking part in Hari Nam chanting of the Lords Name. To be heard in disciplic succession from a devotee of the Lord Sri Krsna is the key to success in realization. Bhakti yoga classes are held every week in local ISKCON temples worldwide, are free, and are followed by a vegetarian feast of Prasadam (food offerd to the Lord).
Srila Prabhupada has written many books to guide us to Bhakti Yoga. They are only in ISKCON Temples and approved devotees stores.
"The Bhagavad Gita As It Is" is answer to all a Soul needs to be Self Realized, escape the wheel of samsara, and be happy in this life. Please take shelter of this Knowledge and come Home.
Pranams. Hare Krsna.

adela acosta

Excellent article. Appreciate the invitation to practice a search for Love as a path to the Divine One in us all.

Kim Neale

Your article was written with just enough factual inofrmation and the practical. I am making notes from your article and plan to explore more this wonderful new form of yoga.
Thank you for your contribution to the potential enlightenment of many,
have a sweet day,

Hari-kirtana das

Thank you very much for this illuminating article about the way modern yogis can integrate both traditional and contemporary conceptions of devotional yoga into their practice. One thing in the article that stood out for me is a reinforcement of a popular misconception, namely that all forms of yoga, including traditional bhakti yoga, consider self-realization to be synonymous with the experience of oneness with everything. For a practitioner of traditional devotional yoga, this is hardly the case. On the contrary, a yogi who is truly pursuing the path of devotion would never want to merge into the oneness of everything but would prefer instead to cultivate and maintain an eternal transcendental relationship of love, which requires a spiritual lover and a spiritual beloved; a transcendental duality. For one who practices bhakti in the context of a non-dualistic conception of self-realization there is self-interest; the object of devotion is used for the fulfillment of the desire for liberation and then forsaken at the point of experiencing the oneness of being. By contrast, those following the path of traditional bhakti, particularly in the Vishnu or Krishna traditions, aspire to pure devotion devoid of self-interest; self-realization is synonymous with the awakening of the individualís spiritual senses through which they can engage in eternal loving service to their beloved, offering love for loveís sake to a personal Supreme Being. In the case of bhakti, the union is through the exchange of love, not through the dissolution of relationships. And however much we may think about experiencing the oneness of being, what most yogis really want is the experience of the exchange of love. Thatís why so many people are attracted to bhakti yoga as an off-the-mat practice.


I named my doggie Bhakti! and he is the most lovable creature there is, always so happy and smiling!


I haven't stopped to read one of your emails in a long time. I am SO busy on this path of knowledge, insight and transformation you know!!!!This one caught my eye.
Jai Bhagavan

Annie Brunson

I these turbulant times the only thing that will work is developing our own inner sense of peace. Whether it is bahkti yoga, meditation, contemplation or joyously appreciating everything around you. Find your essence - what is it that you do where you feel centered? Do more of it. For me it is a combination of meditation, writing <a href="">relaxing music</a> and appreciation the good in my life (and trying to bless instead of curse the "challenges" in my life!)

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