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There is a student who has pain in her spine after doing the combination of shoulder stand, plow and fish. It is when the student lies down on the back, the bones of the spine factually hurt and it takes a while for them to settle. I, myself experience this pain so I do legs against the wall. Can you explain what is going on that causes this?


I have a loud ringing in my ears. Are there yoga positions that will help this noise?
Thank you


Hi, I am a beginner to yoga and I was just wondering how to properly get the most benefit from my practice. I typically practice at home but I have been taking a class which ends unfortunately next week. My question is how much should I practice per week and how should I mix it up? I typically practice about 30-50 minutes about 6 days a week, some are more intense and some are gentle, depending on my moods or how my body feels. I am thinking the gentle is just as important as the intense..rt?..I would love to hear from experts and fellow practitioners..namaste♥


I have a very strange question. I hope someone can help. Warning: a little too much information ahead.

Since my second child, when performing shoulder and head stands, I feel (and hear) air coming *in* to my vagina. (Sorry.) And when I get out of the inversion, air is released. I realize this is a very strange question but I don't want to Google it too much for obvious reasons.

It has been two years since giving birth and aside from persistent but slowly healing diastasis recti, I had and have no medical problems with the births.

What on earth could this be? What should I do? This never happened before the birth. I am hesitant to do these positions at a studio because of this but I really want to go to a class.



We live in an RV and have very, very little place to practice, I'd like to practice outside. Temps in the morning are very cool, can I still practice outside?


feeling a little sick to your tummy may be because of the toxic release that comes from yoga, especially for people that are fairly new to the practice...slow down, carry will be glad you did!


Hi Suzanne,
I am an RN and a Zen yoga instructor. One possible explanation is that you may have been a bit dehydrated prior to class and the motion subsequently disturbed your equilibrium causing the dizziness/nausea. Try drinking plenty of water thruout your days both before and after yoga. Be well :)


To Suzanne: Clearly, the heated flow class was not the right one for you at this stage. Heat does not agree with everyone, and yet, people are still pushing it! Try a gentler class, Iyengar perhaps. Beginner's class. Advanced Beginners. Something. Don't get discouraged, find the right class for you instead.


There is a very distracting lady in my yoga class. I have moved time and time again to peacefully avoid her hard thudding on the floor with every transition during flow, zombie like breathing, and constant imbalance due to, despite the instructor's corrections, doing more than she is ready for. Today she invaded my space when she put her mat too close to mine although there were much larger spaces else where as well as behind me, but I was still calm, but she crossed the line with me by doing arm balances, hero pose, and inversions during savasana at the end of class. As I mentioned she is really noisy. How do I handle this lady? Seeing how we are already doing our sun salutations when she arrives to class doesn't give me an escape. When does the personal entitlement to choose a spot in a public place and do yoga as you want to become an infringement on the entitlements of others to have personal space and their right to peacefully do yoga?


Excellent as always. I find Aadil's responses to questions extremely helpful as a Satyananda teacher

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