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When I'm feeling strong, I have a propensity to work harder with a notion that it will be beneficial. What sometimes doesn't come to mind is the risk of over-training that causes physical and psychological damage. I have a weekly email calendar reminder and a weekly mobile phone reminder to stay mindful of this risk when pushing myself hard.


I began my practice two years ago at the age of 54 so I am often fired by this desire to make up for lost time by pushing too hard. I'll start to play it safe and mindfully employ certain modifications when aches and pains arise, but inevitably my competitive impatience takes over, and I start pushing too hard again, a little here, a little there. Talking with my instructor is helpful, but it really comes down to me finding the right balance, finding the right path to self-study and serenity.

Jacqueline M

I play it safe. I've injured myself too many times trying to do something my body isn't prepared to do. I've learned that, at my age (58), it's better to be cautious and be able to continue practice than go over the edge and end up unable to practice for months while a tendon recovers.

Rosemary Farrar

Mostly I push too hard and I always want everything in a class. I'm frustrated when someone leaves out backbends one day or twists another. I leave frustrated. Give me it all!


My personality lends me toward pushing to hard, overachieving, etc. My physical limitations (brain trauma, spinal injuries, carpal tunnel) force me to play it safe. Within my yoga practice, I can find the balance for me. I listen to my breath and my body, and use props as needed to achieve a balanced asana (for me).

Now having shared personality will try to come out and take over. Especially if I am practicing with what I call "yogini divas".

May you always feel Mother Earth beneath your feet, and a song or story in your heart!


I definitely have a tendency to play it too safe assuming I am very much a beginner, when really I have enough experience to know how far i can go, but practicing from home alone for 2 years now with the occasional class has progressed me much more than I give myself credit for. And actually I know that I could and should push myself harder on occasion in order to progress.


I seem to have a tendencey to push too hard, tho, I am getting better at this. I have gone into child's pose much more often than I used to (after 3 yrs. of practice). It is still hard for me to do tho. I have even went back to a basic yoga class instead of trying to do 4 or 5 power yoga classes in a row. Exhaustion just isn't that fun-----

Jordan Alley

I tend to push hard

Linda West

I'm 65 years old, in good health, and for two months have been doing yoga five days a week; four at home and one in a class. I've been so pleased and excited to feel my body becoming more flexible and open that I think I've begun pushing too hard. My lower back ihas started hurting. I think I need to be more patient with my body and ease up a bit.


My tendency is to always push too hard. I'm a type 'A', go-go-go person, which serves me well in some areas, but not so good in others. That's one reason why I LOVE yoga, I give myself permission to slow down, breathe, and accept my body limitations and work through them, instead of forcing things as 'usual'.

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