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Heather J

I was wondering, can inversions help with people who have LOW blood pressure?

sue pappas

I understand how inversions can elevate blood pressure. Can you please explain how inversions trigger reflexes that reduce blood pressure? Thanks. You can respond to my email; Thanks so much.

Maureen Carroll

Could you please help me find the physiological reasons that forward bends are calming to the nervous system?
Thanks so much.

gloria mann

First of all, I'm never giving up my practice . I guess I'll just have to omit some of the poses. I'll just learn to be more efficient with the ones I can do. Thanks so much for the information.


I like very much the docs advice. There are huge advantages to being upside down. I have metastatic resistant thyroid cancer and one of the reasons I am still here is because of inversions. Slowly take them a bit at a time being extremely mindful. Have the guide of a skilled teacher and oxygenate your whole body.


@ Patty
I had similar problem and when I got a thorough check up done,I found out that it was a result of vertigo,i.e. a condition caused by imbalance in the fluidfound in ears. She may be having same probem.



well, my blood pressure is/was also at a pre-hyper stage too. After I started to practice Vinyasa yoga, I learned to influence my pressure greatly, and I'm down to normal.

Of course I avoid Headstand and Plow, but I got a little bit curious, and looked up the contraindications for all the major poses. And here's the thing: why would I need to avoid Warrior I and II, Extended Side Angle Pose and Extended Triangle Pose? Or are these poses a no-go for serious cases of blood pressure?

And finally: what about the Downward Facing Dog - a must in Vinyasa. Some people say yes, others no. I mean I feel that blood starts to build up in the vessels moderately, but Fish and Bridge seem to me worse (I already cut out those two).

Downward Facing Dog is such a basic pose, but nobody can give a definite answer, whether to practice it to strenghten the blood vessels or leave it be.

What do you think?

James Lim


I have high blood pressure for the past ten years and lately, I took up Yoga about 7 weeks ago. I found that my high blood pressure has went up from my earlier pre-Hyper to stage 1 of Hyper but the rest of the physical conditions has improved alot such as weight loss and stemina..

Can you kindly advise me how Yoga can affect my high pressure so much within the 7 weeks of continue practicing...

James Lim

Margaret. England.

The simple answer is NO to all inversions. There are too many risks.
Think about Ahimsa.


I had a student tell me this week that every time she practices shoulderstand she is nauseated for 24 hours afterwards. What would cause this?

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