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I had THR on both hips (June 2008 after replacing the first 6 months earlier). 2 months into my rehab, I discovered yoga while trying to regain some flexibility. As a 54 yr old male, I was frustrated by how llittle I could get into the poses, but my instructors and fellow yoginis were kind and supportive. They help adjust my poses while I slowly began to get into the what the poses offered.Small moments turned into larger ones as I worked my way into tree without falling and worked at Warrior 2. I've been at it now for 5 years and can't imagine where I'd be without yoga. Props help in some of the poses. Just have patience: after all, it's Yoga PRACTICE.


After reading the comment posted by Annig I am uplifted and enlightened. Hot Vinyasa Yoga has been my life over the last two years even pursuing and receiving my teaching certificate. I now find myself at age 55 facing bilateral total hip replacement and was saddened to think my yoga practice would no longer be as I knew. Thank you Annig for making me see things differently.


I hope your surgery and recovery are going smoothly. Would you mind sharing the name of the yoga instructor (if you've already found him or her) who will guide your post-op practice? I'm 31 years old and an avid Bikram and Hot Vinyasa yogi - with a THR coming up in June in NYC. I'm fearful of how my practice will change but I find it reassuring to see these reader comments. Many thanks and Namaste.


I am having a full left hip replacement next Wed and am so sad that my yoga will now be very altered most likely for life. I'm 53 and practice every day. I am going to try and find a yoga teacher in NYC that has experience with hip replacements who can hopefully design and guide me with a new practice. I can't wait a year to come back to yoga.


I really feel for you because I am in a similar boat. I only want to hike the local mountains, ride my bike over outback trails and continue my yoga practice ( albeit, at home). But the pain is limiting every aspect of my existence and my teenage children confirm my contrariness!! I am 51, likely to have thr again and am struggling with the give and take, ego and the need for well-being. NAmaste, indeed.


I have had two posterior-lateral hip replacements since July, 2010. I am finding that it has deepened my Yoga practice of letting go and discovering new ways to open. Yes, it is humbling, and surprising at the same time to experience further openings,which were inhibited with arthritis. Being patient has supported my work with my students. We are actually, not who we are by the pose and we may realize our true self with our efforts and intentions.


I had my posterior hip replacement 4 days ago and I have no idea what to expect. I am a yoga therapist and have a pretty intense personal practice. If I am out of pain I will be grateful and take it one step at a time. I think a vini yoga practice will be the way I will end up practicing. Doing crazy stuff with my flexible body got me into tis situation so I need to be humble and back away gracefully..


I have not yet had a surgery. I'm 70 and I struggle with constant pain, but DO NOT want to "let go" to "surrender" as to much of my practice would be over. This IS very humbling, I am a certified instructor and my ego VERY INVOLVED !!! Time to live my own words. One can create a homepractice but so would miss the vinyasa flow with the young ones...I go to YJ Conferences every year and look forward to classes for this issue and other Senior issues. Thank you Fern John and Mary for your comments, it helps to know others struggle with the same iissues. Namaste'


I have had two hip surgeries on my right and 15 months ago on the left. I am a physical therapist and found it refreshing that Mr. Cole was knowledgeable about the different kinds of THR's and their precautions. I dislocated my left anterior THR 10 days ago and was quite upset especially since I was just standing still taking a picture of my son. It moved, then pain and I just collapsed. Worry now about another dislocation is constant and missing being able to exercise and do Bikram is more than difficult. I think they should start to develop replacements for those of us in our midlife that are still very active. We are having equipment installed that is for more senior adults doing less physically challenging activities. Thank you for the helpful information even though I am upset about having to limit my yoga practice and not benefit by doing the poses as well or as deep as had progressed to.


I am a yoga instructor who had a total anterior hip replacement 4 weeks ago. Table top, and lifting knees out to sides(dog on fire hydrant) then extending foot straight out back is very strengthening. Do the same number on each side, keeping abs drawn in to protect lower back.

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