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I hate to see articles about forward bends anymore - ever since I found out that if you bend forward the wrong way you are at great risk for a lower back injury- and yep I ended up with a bulging disc in my lower back - I think from bending forward too far and rounding my back instead of making sure it was flat and then stopping before it would round. folding forward makes your discs pop out instead of stay where they are supposed to stay. so being overly flexible is not a good thing at all.


I have found the best way to approach all poses is to find the early edge and don't go past it until you experience release. Going fully past the edge, into the maximum stretch doesn't get you anywhere and can lead to injury.


Please explain what you mean by "if knees straighten past 90 degrees........." Shouldn't forward bends have knees extended past 90 but less than 180 to avoid hyperextension?


Excellent advice, and true to the true yoga spirit. We should all remember the 3rd sentence in your lead paragraph: The realization of yoga is to be fully conscious, present, and content at whatever stage of the practice you have attained."

Bev Whitehead

Thank you Roger. I value your advice on how to work intelligently to access greater ease in forward bends. It's a struggle for that so many yogis confront and risk injury.


Some of the Yoga postures such as the above are difficult for many and some are able to bend and attach head to knees so closely!
It is not even the stomach or belly that is the problem. As told by you Roger, long and patient practice will make it possible.
Also, fasting one day a week or cutting one time food a day and substituting it with FruitDiet is good to enable performing of this asana.
Your journal is excellent guidance for yoga students. Thanks and Blessings!
Yours truly,
YogaTeacher, India

pooja bhimra

hi roger,
i had pulled my left leg tendon behind my knee,about 8-9 months back,since iam a yoga practioner i am able to relate to what aggravates the problem.would like your advice on how to really strenthen my knee,cause psychologically sometimes you are blocked as to do a certain asana or not.presently i perform my postures with great ease but the forward bends especially touching your head to knees is still taking long.thanks

Deanna L. Cross-Boyle

Once Again I am So Thankful for Roger Coles expert advise! I continue to either have my teachings reaffirmed or renewed by his knowledge! Thank You!

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