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maggie kortchmar

Seated twists are safe if done correctly. When in ardha matsyandrasana, or seated twist, begin the twist from the grounding of the legs and the foot that contacts the floor. start your twist as you fully exhale without using your arms, the pelvis and torso move in the direction of the twist, it (pelvis) does not grind into the floor, at the end of the exhale allow your arm to finish the twist by wrapping around the leg with the knee bent (facing ceiling) . This way you are not putting stress on the si joint but are compressing the abdominal organs rather than the joints, the true purpose of this seated twist: de tox of these organs.

Maggie Kortchmar

In seated twists do not ground the sit bones. Let them move with the pelvis. Judith Lasater.


So how are we to do seated twists? With the seat bones and pelvis grounded and not moving during twist OR let them move during twist?


The seated twists have been identified by many yoga teachers--and in the pages of this magazine-- as potentially dangerous. I am very flexible and very strong, and I did a real number on my SI joint by using yoga to cure myself of the "stiff" lower back I acquired working on my house and garden. That stiff lower back was an injured SI joint. Doing more yoga to make myself better only made it worse, though I didn't want to believe my therapists for several months. Now I'm learning the real meaning of letting go by letting go of my beloved practice until I can walk again without pain.


Thanks for the tips, Tomie. I, too, began to suffer sacroiliac pain from (I believe) pushing too far in the standing forward bend. Have stopped yoga 4 a couple of weeks but miss it! I'm going to try your suggestions as well as taking the advice to only practice most standing poses with my legs hips distance apart (which feels more natural anyway!)


I have been suffering with lower back pain, which moved down through my thigh inside the knee, through the calf and finally into the inside arch of my foot, I have dveloped a series of postures based arround hip openers, these include, rock the baby, happy baby, Pigeon (easy form) also thread the needle, the happy baby type postures, help to adjust the back of the pelvis by pushing it into the ground. Lie on your back, bend your knees and have the soles of your feet facing the ceiling, place your hands on the inside of your feet and pull your knees down to the ground, outside your trunk keep the soles of your feet facing upwards. Try to get the knees to the ground without straining. Rock the baby, sitting, place your foot in the crook of the oposite arm, support the whole leg as if you were holding a baby and lift the foot, gently rock the leg, aim to take the knee back. I have also combined cobra into the sequence.


I have been suffering from what I believe to be sacroiliac pain for 6 months. I have had every test and been to many doctors. None seem to be able to help me. I'm pretty sure it was caused from over stretching during yoga. I miss yoga and very much want to return but need to heal too. Can you help?

tomie sugahara

I suffered sacroiliac injury while doing standing foward bend. Amazingly, I found that the best poses to relieve pain were 'seated double leg foward fold' and 'seated one leg head beyond the knee'. By practicing them faithfully after every physical activity, I practically feel no pain at all.

jody schenk

yoga cured my sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Brenda Vrooman

I have sacroiliac pain, diagnosed by chiropractor & an orthopedic specialist, and this has been more helpful then what they have provided.

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