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Nidia Lopez

Hola mi amiga Kalyan yo estaba igual que vos, en la búsqueda de una profesora de Yoga para poder aprender más de lo que me gusta en España, y justo por ahí en conversaciones con una amiga de Madrid me recomendó un web donde enseñan todo lo referente al Yoga sus Ejercicios y Modalidades de enseñar ok amiga Xatalina espero que te sirva. Espero que te sea de mucha ayuda.

barun kanti pal

Please tell me the yogasana required in the morning of winter season to keep the body from gastric problems.

kalyan sarkar

Scientific explanation for what is happening inside the body during INNER KUMBHAKA and OUTER KUMBHAKA - CAN ANYBODY Eexplain?


i am already doing pranic breathing, but i was wondering if it has any beneficial effects on chronic conditions like diabetes.

Veena Grover RYT

The above article is educational about Hatha Yoga.Practice of deep breathing opens the heart & calms the mind.Negative thoughts disappear & it becomes easy to stay in the asana.Soft deep breathing through nose calms the mind & every move is done like a wave,move from one asana to other like moving meditation.Combine breathing with move,Let the breath lead you & don't force yourself.Injuies happen, when students try to move fast & don't incorporate the breath with move.Enjoy the breath & God will take you in His Hands.Yoga practice is not a physical practice,incorporate spituality & peace. Blessings.

shreekant Godkhindi

Can yoga and other exercises affect smooth muscles directly?


Good article, thank you. Having started doing daily Pranayama practise a couple of months ago, I had been wondering how the different yoga traditions approach it, and you have articulated this clearly for me.

I think Will is factually correct, in that the pranayama equivalent of reaching samadhi is when mind, body, and the higher soul become one, and at that point breathing may stop. If this happens, it happens, but suggesting this as a goal (or a "cornerstone of a higher practise"?!) in an introductory article was unnecessary in my opinion: thinking about it will only distract from a pranayama practise.

Pranayama has many physical benefits but, personally, the biggest benefit is quietening the mind and making it ready for meditation which ideally follows immediately after the pranayama.

Vinod Gupta

I am a yoga enthusiast from India.

I intently read through your various articles on Pranayam. Undoubtedly, this is a very important subject and part of yoga,which tends to be overshadowed by the asanas.

However, what is missing in most of the yoga practiced and discussed today, is "conscious" breathing, which is the real soul of yoga.

I have made a very important (re)discovery in yoga called the "Bhraman Pranayam" - a technique and process of synchronized conscious breathing and walking that has enormous potential and real promise for health and HEALING. It is the ultimate pranayam and achieves all that the other pranayam in sitting postures do - in fact, much more.

I am trying to get my original knowledge of the "Bhraman Pranayam" - I have termed it the true Walking Yoga - published in the USA, but it has not been feasible for me so far, as I live in India.

I would like your possible help/advice in getting my book on yoga published - with key content as the Walking Yoga - and reveal and bring this extremely powerful practice to the world of yoga.

I will greatly value and appreciate your reply to this message.

Best Regards

Vinod Gupta
New Delhi


What can you tell me about pranayama and air conditioners?
Is there any contradition? What do you think about the use of air conditioners in Yoga classes?

Thanks for the opportunity!


What about the Breathless state ?
the combination of long sessions of pranayam, om chanting and dwelling in chakras, can produce the state of breathlessness which is the cornerstone of a higher practice

not a single mention.

you guys need to go farther in your research

it's not just that the mind gets quiet and so does the breath.

the breath stops. completely, and so does the mind

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