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Beautifully written. Exactly what I was looking for for advice and some idea of what to do.

Hannah Kathyrn

I was addicted to heroin for well over three years... I decided one day that I couldn't do it anymore, and so I went to a doctor to help me detox. After detoxing from all drugs and clearing my body of the toxins, I decided to take a yoga class at my gym. I go every day at 10:30am. When I wake up, I meditate, and practice breathing techniques for thirty minutes. If I miss a day of practicing yoga, I don't feel good about myself at all. It keeps me sane, and has helped me recover from my scary thoughts and life threatening addiction.


a usefull article


I teach Yoga & Meditation to a inner-city low income recovering population that are traditionally dogmatic about spiritual beleifs. When I frist approached this population with the idea of integration they were quite resistant due to the lack of spiritual familarities. After pleminary education of Yoag and it's health benefits for the recovering person they began to become open to the process. One month later the residents reported reduced cravings, more hopefulness, and higher expansion in spiritual beleifs.


I needed this article right about now..THANK YOU!


I am a Yoga teacher and student, through the practice of yoga I was able to control my mind to the point where i was able to stop eating all meat and becoming a vegetarian overnight. that was my first effort,,also knowing that every thing in life is a cycle, including cravings, and that that desire for meat or anything else will go through the same cycle, beginning existence and end. Using that new found strength i went on to quit cigarettes and of course deepen my practice. This coming week I am a witness to help someone get out of prison through a pardon, part of the argument is that yoga can help cure addiction. Just think if I was able to stop eating meat, south american here, after eating meat for over 40 years, you can stop just about anything. Pratiahara...turning your senses inwards..really appreciate this article in that it truly supports my argument. Will update you guys on how it went.


I am hoping to add more yoga to my 12-step work as well, thank you for this article


Hatha Yoga saved my life. A long time marijuana, cocaine and alcohol addict (not to mention all the others things I tried) I added Yoga to deepen my Spiritual 12step program of recovery. Amazing transformations began to happen. I am currently beginning a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification and I donate my time teaching Meditation and Yoga to the residents at a local homeless shelter's treatment facility. Giving it away is the best gift I could have ever asked for.


I started practicing yoga because I thought it was a fun way to get in shape. Little did I realize that it would change my life. I am happy to say that with my yoga practice I have turned my life around after heading down a slippery slope of addictive behavior (alcohol, drugs and cigarettes). I don't think this would've been possible for me any other way. It's amazing that whatever the reason people start practicing yoga the benefits end up surfacing.


I teach gentle and restorative yoga at a recovery house. I dove tail it with the 12 step program. The positive response to yoga is wonderful. The clarity I witness in the men who keep coming back to class is heart opening. And the fact that they want to continue to practice once they return home is awesome.

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