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i had a surgery in july i wanted to know about the yoga after endometriosis surgery

Gorgiana Alonzo

I'm a long-time yoga practitioner, beginning when I was a child. The poses that helped me with menarche were the same ones I did when I started to experience heavy bleeding and severe pain in my 40th year. Cat, bandha konasana, jathara parivatanasana, simple breathing into my abdomen while lying on my back all greatly reduced the bleeding and discomfort. I did these poses in the morning and before I went to bed for a full year. Then, my right ovary blew up. Misdiagnosed endometriosis. Yes, I had emergency surgery and peritonitis, but my practice helped me not only with the pain but also with the recovery afterward. Try poses and talk to teachers in concert with a doctor who listens. Namasté!


Just wondering if anyone's ever had trouble breathing while in child's pose? Lately, when I get into child's pose, I experience great pressure in my abdomen, pushing up into my diaphragm, making it impossible to breath deeply


i actually had the opposite effect from bikram yoga. my pains have gone down significantly.


My gyn was really pleased when she heard I did ashtanga, especially the bandhas. She said it was good to have strong pelvic muscles because those help circulation and because I was already at risk of having my endo rip through my abdominal wall (the strengthened stomach muscles help keep my guts in, basically). So she advised me to keep going, because she'd seen improvement. Same thing with the strict low-carb and low-xenoestrogen diet I'm on for the rest of my life, to reduce inflammation, plus arginine supplements to reduce excess estrogen. Those have been incredibly helpful for me and I'm sure that if I stopped doing ashtanga, my pains would get worse (I am always blissfully pain-free after ashtanga days).


Hi. I have endometriosis too and although I have no evidence that intense heating yoga such as Bikram causes additional aggravation, I have experienced from my own practise that when I am having symptoms, it is best to go gentle. I suppose anything that heats and stimulates the organs so much, plus compressing the abdomen quite intensely might create more discomfort. I find halasana feels really alleviates the pain as well as down dog but without the bandhas. Hope that helps!


I just started Bikram yoga (hot yoga) four weeks ago and have taken 7 or so classes. I've had diagnosed endo for probably 4-5 years (tho no surgery or major dietary restrictions). Anyway, in the past 4 weeks, I've started to have raging cramps and regular bleeding again and was beginning to wonder if it was due to the hot yoga, which I love. This past weekend has been so extremely painful that I didn't make it to yoga but am planning to go tonight but cramps have set in. The articles have been helpful and I'm thinking I will continue to skip the deep back bends, go easier on the twisting and see if that helps. Any comments on Gillian's question would be really helpful bc I've been suspecting that the Bikram yoga might sadly be messing up things.


I have had endo since for over 10 years and I am 23 years old. My last surgery was in July and I have been all organic and on a very strict diet since. I started doing Bikram Yoga about two weeks ago and I love it! But my acupuncturist just told me that the Hott yoga (Bikram) isn't good for me because you loose so much fluids that you cant get back from water and it might mess up the fluid in my body such as my menstrual cycle. Is this true? Is Bikram yoga bad for women with unbalanced hormones and with endometriosis?


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