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what do you think of the practice of doing 108 sun salutations? can this be done daily


I am a senior.Lately, for the last month I have started developing artheritis, hence cannot stretch to the full extent. I was a little too proud of myself and my ability to do the twists etc. now I am not, can't. still can do headstand near a wall, butI can't do the full shoulder stand. I do try the side stretches, but can hold only a few seconds.


One more thing Dianna, you may want to discuss your yoga issues with your doctor or physical theapist. Maybe a private yoga session would be helpful but if you go that right be sure the yoga teacher has had some sort of training in Yoga for Seniors. The basic yoga TT does not really cover that.

Gloria Moore

Dianna, I understand how you feel. Many people who teach seniors don't know about the fact that seniors need longer warm-ups and most seniors need warm-up before Sun Salutation.

Don't stretch a muscle to your full range until you have loosened it up by gradual stretches. Also, don't hold asanas as long as you did when you were younger.

If you can take a walk before class that could help. Also, consider that omega-3 may help recovery.

Rajendar menen

About 21 Sun Salutations every day makes for a powerful workout. It has been done in India for thousands of years.

Rajendar menen

The sun salutation has been done in India for thousands of years. I feel that this is all the exercise a person needs. About 30 Sun Salutations every day makes for a powerful workout.

Barbara Arbster

I wanted to learn Yoga and went out and bought a Yoga dvd. It apparently was too advanced for me and I became discouraged and stopped. I found a yoga mat and dvd set for beginners made my Danskin and love it. It gives me a great 20 yoga workout and stretch. I feel wonderful during and after. I've also learned to not push myself through a pose that is hard. I just modify it a bit and it all works wonderfully. So like Mel said "never quit" :-)


What can I do to improve my lunge forward? I just can't seem to get my foot right between my hands!


wow i take yoga and its sooooo relaxing and these ideas r great


No way. Yoga is good for people at any age. Yoga is a personal practice. If a pose feels painful, make it easier. Childs pose is always an option at anytime during a yoga session if you feel your body needs a break. Don't push yourself, allow your body to appreciate what you are doing for it. Yoga is amazing for you, never quit.

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