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Thank you so much for this article. What incredible timing! Something I truly needed to read at this very moment. Dealing with some very difficult emotions and I just received your YJ article and was truly helped by your advice.

janine kaczynski

I thought it was Patanjali? In my part of the universe it is... ?


Lisa, what a beautiful poem. I read each line one at a time and felt myself there in the moment. Thank you!


Your article really get to the heart of the matter of all matters in life when it comes to practice. Life's synchonous ways always bring happiness to my heart, as your article popped into my life at just the right time. Thank You for you Honesty.


WoW! What a great article! Thank you for such vast elaboration of the subject.
It made me think of another saying 'Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure'.
This explains how automatic it is for our mind to jump into the 'protective mechanism' mode and stop us before our body even gets to that edge. So why are we so afraid to go beoynd? To get out of the comfort zone, is it the fear of the unknown that the future holds? Why are we so cynical? How can we disconnect from the analytical mind? The key question is how bad do we want change. And from there to do anything it takes, agknowledging the fear and going through the experience regardless! Going to the 'physical' edge ; )


Standing at the abyss not knowing it is
Feeling my toes kissing cool air
Wanting to take a step into nothingness
Waiting to see what will happen if I donít move
What keeps me here fear or fearlessness?
My heart thumps noisily
My ears ring in the silence
My head aches trying to understand
My mouth opens in thirst
Drinking in the nature the view the place where I am
Feasting on the smell the freedom the space where I live
The joy of standing here unknown and small
As big as the tree standing next to me
The old one who knows what it means to stay still
Who enjoys the rush and vigor of the little ones
Who watches them fall and get up again and again
Life at the edge daring me to fall and get up
My bones creak in the breeze the sound of the leaves
My heart bounces in the cold river rush
My ears sing with the songs of the birds
My head disappears into the mountains
My mouth closes into a smile


Feeling the energy of fear is very real to me. It manifested by having my heart compress and I carried this weight for almost a year. Yoga is helping me clarify my thoughts and I'm learning to seat with it. Taking deep breaths have definitely helped remind me to let go but I am still dealing with a lot of residual effects.


There is such a strong message in your article and yet I feel if you had soem examples, it will be more clearer to me. I realize how my practice fails to translate into my daily life. Your point baout change can be imperceptible is reassuring. I also feel my awareness of my deficits bogs me down heavily. Continuation of this concept would be very helpful. regards


Thank You, this article is just what I needed.


i have noticed through the four years of my practice, that these fears are still there but less intense and I seem to handle them with more ease. I had just never thought of it until reading this article.

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