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Julia Taylor

The response in the original article is inaccurate. As Margaret said in her comment, forward bends should be avoided ( especially seated forward bends) and twisting is also not recommended for people with osteoporosis. I do agree with what the author said about backbends. It is irresponsible to answer questions like this one without double checking medical guidelines.

Margaret Weston. Loughton. Essex

All forward bends must be avoided, vertebral fractures and possible hip fractures, handstands, risk of multiple fractures in wrists . Inverts, vertebral fractures. Salutes to the sun a no-go area, multiple fractures, including the toes in transition from Cobra to down facing dog,some backbends. Check Mayo clinic re-osteoporosis. Teachers, do more research before putting your students at risk.
Keep well. p.s.,children also get osteoporosis.
Margaret Weston, Loughton, Essex.


I withdraw my comment, since I didn't read the text preceding the link.


Kim, in response to your question, Ashtanga yoga would not be right for you if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis. You should avaoid at all times forward bends (from the waist bending to touch the floor or your toes). This also includes abdominal crunches because this is the same motion. Also rotation should be avoided. There is alot of forward bending & rotation in Ashtanga yoga classes. I am an Exercise Physiologist, I teach yoga & Pilates & work with those that have osteo. I hope this helps you.


Exercises that are not good for osteoporosis involve excessive twisting the spine or bending over from the waist with straight legs, sit up's, stomach crunches or toe touches and you include some of them in your poses suggested for osteoporosis. I have osteoporosis and the National Osteoporosis Foundation recommended to avoid these movements.

Sara Anderson

I think your instructor needs to reevaluate this advice. I did yoga for many years. Two years ago I developed mutiple compression fractures in my spine from osteoporsis caused from being overmedicated with thyroid hormone. Any physical therapist knowledgable about osteoporosis will tell you not to do any exercise that risks compressing the front of the vertebrae. Many of the poses suggested here present this risk for the average practitioner. Morevoer, you should not twist. See // You should consider doing an article on this topic since many older women (I'm 59) do yoga. I go to a very good studio but I haven't seen them pay any attention to this issue. I think the advice you have posted is dangerous.


I am 46 with the beginnings of osteoporosis, and was wondering if Ashtanga for me would be right. Also if older females should be doing ashtanga.


rossella sofia

I am an italian kundalini yoga teacher. I would like to know if you teach yoga for Osteoporosis anywhere in Europe and if you know if is it possible to do some workhshop to be certificated like trainer. many thanks

Janet block

In the case of osteoporosis I was told forward bending postures are contraindicated. I see that you recommend Prasarita Padottanasana, and others. Are there exceptions?
Thank you.
Are you currently teaching yoga for Osteoporosis anywhere in Calif?

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