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i m overweight pls help me what can i do my age is 24

Deborah Kesten

Have you considered the ancient practice of yogic nutrition (called "anna yoga") to lose weight and keep it off? Perhaps more than any other food philosophy, the yogic diet is a repository of love-filled wisdom, designed to balance the body, calm the mind, nourish spiritually, and enhance social well-being. And the yoga of eating does even more to balance body, mind, and soul: It offers specific guidelines about consciousness while eating; what to eat; when to eat; even how to eat. In other words, nourish yourself with yogic nutrition each time you eat, and you'll be poised to be a successful loser.

Riley III

I turned 53 this month and was tired of gaining notches on my belt. At 6'2" and just over 200 pounds. I found an old Yoga book at home just looking for something to read. That waas on June 28th. Yesterday I completed my 30th day of a daily 30 minute routine using a vid I found on Facebook. I have lost a notch in my belt and am sleeping better. I have more energy, strength and inner peace. I have found a connection to body mind and spirit again. I am looking forward to joining a cl;ass soon and learning more about this ancient wonder..peace,R


Yoga has changed my life. I was an overweight person, in my 40's and resigned to gaining weight.
I tried heavy duty aerobic exercise to no avail. I just became very hungry afterward. Yoga, has helped me lose weight and feel happy about myself, clear and healthy.
I also threw away my mirror. Please try yoga!


I just finished a semester of yoga, and I love it. I was one of the bigger ones in class,but I kept up with the rest of class. Yoga is for everyone


Dahnya, yes, you definitely can do it!


I'm an overweight person, about 215 lbs. I would like to start practicing yoga to help reduce my weight. Is it possible for a heavy weight person to do yoga?


i have just taken a few yoga classes and I love it!!!! I like the comment enjoy your life with a smile. It is the most important thing:)


I started practicing yoga about four months ago, and I can't believe the difference! I have always been awkward and not very athletic (I was always chosen last in gym class), with an addiction to sweets. After gaining a considerable amount of baggage after working incessantly on my art show, I decided that I needed to turn my life around.

I have tried working out in the past, but it has never succeeded. I then found these 5 Wai Lana yoga tapes that my boyfriend bought for $1 each a couple of years before, and I suddenly have various levels of cheap yoga classes right at my disposal in my own home! Her "Goodbye Inertia" video literally takes the place of doing 300 sit-ups with better fresults, and I am finally getting the waistline that I thought was impossible. I stopped thinking of it as "weight loss" and more of a "transformation." I am in the best shape of my life, but there is still much more room for improvement.

However, one must also change their diet to see results:
1) Increasing one's intake of organic, non-genetically modified fresh produce will help your body burn more fat. Non-organic produce is often treated with nasty pesticides that suck the nutrients right out of your food, thus slowing your metabolism and slowing down the effectiveness of the thyroid glands. The same goes for juice.
2) Stay FAR away from anything with high-fructose corn syrup and foods with preservatives and weird chemicals. Again, these chemicals affect the nutritional value of the food, thus adding more "baggage." Corn syrup is also much more fattening than sugar, and preservatives are chemicals that contribute to sickness. Look at the ingredients label. If the item has ingredients that you can't pronounce, you probably don't want to eat it. Aspartame (Nutri-Sweet, Splenda, etc.) is also not a good alternative to sugar, as it's a nasty chemical that contributes to cancer.
3) Try to switch to organic, anti-biotic-free meat from animals that are free-range and fed properly (such as grass-fed cows.)
4) DO NOT eat at chain fast food stores or national chain restaurants. They don't use organics, they dowse food in nasty chemicals, and the food is loaded with preservatives and corn syrups. Cooking at home is healthier.
5) Stay away from genetically modified foods (GMOs.) These contribute to disease.
6) Try to avoid as much medication as possible, especially weight-loss drugs. On that note, so called weight loss foods are deceptive and actually contain ingredients that make one fatter.
7) Try not to eat before bed, and avoid middle of the night snacks. This one is still my major obstacle, so I try to eat some fruit if I feel a craving.

I know every one is different, but I want to pass along what is working for me. I feel so much better since I've embarked on my journey to transformation. If clumsy me can do it, any able-bodied person can! Good luck!


I have gained a few pounds doing Vinyasa style yoga. I know that I have gained muscle mass because of it. But I also slowed down with other exercise which I am starting to pick up again (cardio). My best test to see if I am getting healthier: how one particular pair of shorts fit around the waist? It's a simple consistent gage.

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