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My mother had a stroke 5 years ago and has complete left side weakness of her left leg and left arm. She is disabled in a wheelchair and recently suffers from huge anxiety over the smallest of things. She also has a very limited attention span and gets bored very quickly of physio. I really am looking for a good yoga teacher who understands stroke survivors in East London. Can anyone help or suggest anyone?


Thank you for this informative article.


my father has suffered a stroke with his left limbs being affected. please specify asanas that can help regain mobility. names of the asanas and the method to do them.he is 71. has had a heart surgery, DM and HT.

Ane Habjorg, Norway

I had a stroke 19 months ago. Stilll struggling with balance and vision. My experience is that yoga makes a difference. I have a hard time finding the right level. I need the challenge, but itīs hard to follow classes.
Will take any advise!


My dad had a stroke 10yrs back.His blood cloath and due to this he had.He survived the attack.Thank God.Now he is fine but his hands and legs are weak.he has become weak.We have consulted a doctor but no major change on his weakness.Can you suggest a yoga for him?He has High blood pressure too.Please send me a mail in I really need a suggestion.Please


Basically I was told not to do any poses where my head is below my heart....but had been doing almost all poses for several weeks before doctor told me that!
I recommend "Stronger After Stroke" by Levine... gave me courage! And be your own advocate; get inclusive eval immediately: OT,ST and PT!!! Your doctor may not know you need it and may send you home.... some conditions are not readily apparent especially if you're in better shape than your doc! Keep the faith!!!

Anne Byrne

My dad has just had a stroke and I am looking for guidance in helping him through this with yoga. I am a Satyananda trained yoga teacher but have no experience of working with people who have had a stroke. Thank you for reference to DVD and training in UK. I would like some guidance on appropriate breath work, meditations and asanas and more understanding on the effects of stroke on mind body balance. I have made him some recordings of sankalpa, deep relaxation/yoga nidra, breath meditation and healing chants. Any advice appreciated.

Anne, Galway, Ireland


Is they are healinhg back to normal should be more reluictant about shoulder stand in other poses


I have sufferded from an ischemic stroke which has left the left side of of my body paralyzed. I used to be a yoga instructor.The breathing does help calm th mind and give more focus.Cat pose and spine twist are good for stroke patients at the beginning. My balance is still not good but this illness takes time to hel so hang on and you will make it.

Ruth Kearney

I am a speech pathologist who works with stroke patients, rehabilitating their language function. I am starting a research study to evaluate the impact of a yoga practice upon the re-acquisition of speech, and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced this. Please email me at Thank you!

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