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As someone who experiences Chronic Daily Migraines I just wanted to correct a fallacy. While many migraines are on one side of the head, they can in fact be on both sides at once, the back or the front. There are also a wide variety of pre and post migraine symptoms, you've done a good job of covering most of them but there are others that are less recognized as well. Food cravings, skin pain (allodynia), dizziness and irritability are among them. Migraines can have all, some or almost none of these. Migraines can even have a relatively low level of pain but be accompanied by other symptoms. I know this article isn't meant to diagnose and it's wise to make sure people understand that there is a difference between migraines and headaches. But it's also important for people to have correct information about what a migraine is.


I have one question,if anybody can answer? I wish to try the inhalation and exhalation type of yoga,should I try keeping gap of 15 minutes inbetween yoga and food?thanks


Yoga is da bomb yo!!!!

Raymond Martin

I am just coming out of what would have been a painful migraine and I have to disagree with the assertion not to put your head below your heart. For me this is exactly what I did, in a number of postures, and it helped to get rid of the headache before it had a chance to become full-blown. I even stood on my head. This worked for me. A general advisement to not do inverted postures is not necessarily correct then. It depends on the person. In my opinion, it was the increase in blood flow that helped to avert the pain. It was only after I stood up that I did feel any sort of headache. Then upon inverting for a minute or two it is gone again. So the advice given does not work for everyone. Find what works for you.

Margaret England.

From Tadasan, gently stretching arms overhead, be guided by your breathing, gently lowering the arms on the outbreath. Not more than six cycles.
Work on modified Virabhadrasan, do not stretch arms over head, bring hands in the Prayer position, inhale as you move the arms to the side in L shape, exhale move arms back to centre in Prayer position. There is a lot that can be done to help yourself and others. Avoid excessive repetitions .this adds to the normal wear and tear of everyday activities.
Padahastasan, move only half way, move arms behind the back, let them rest there, hold position for not more than 2-3 breaths. Ease up gently. This gently stretches the back muscles, the head is not lower than the heart. Please avoid forward bend if suffering from osteoporosis.
Best wishes from myself to all.


I am a 10 year Ashtanga practitioner and monthly migraine sufferer. Dr. Bell's advice resonates with me: during migraines,I do a few standing poses (tadasana, warrior I and II), and a few seated forward bends and twists without lowering the head below the heart, as this is indeed a trigger for increasing the severity of the headache.

Margaret.. England.

I suffered from migraine since I was a child, the full blown, shattering, sickening, soul destroying attacks. Nothing helped. I discovered some time ago there was a link between migraine and a stroke. But what was most disturbing I found there is a link between migraine and a hole in the heart. I was told in 2003 I was born with a hole in the heart, I had open heart surgery in 2006. I had severel severe attacks in February 2006, not attacks since. When I had my last check up with my cardiologist, I asked him if the was a link, he said there was, but more research is needed.
There are many positions that must be avoided, e.g. inverts,cobra, fish, bow, camel.
It seems that I was continually putting myself at risk because of the lack of information that was provided then. Thankfully, now that information is coming through. If a person has migraine, please check with your G.P. Avoid all extreme backbends and inverts.
I hope that info is of some use.
Keep well.


So what poses DO you recommend for migraines? You've only told us what not to do, which I think is sort of common sense not to INCREASE blood flow to the head. This article is not helpful at all!


I have been practicing yoga for over a year now, and have enjoyed 99% improvement on my severe migraines. I no longer need to take prescriptive medicines and as an added bonus, I have lost 10 lbs! I feel better than I have in 10 yrs!!!!

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