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Kay B

I had to QUIT my Yoga class at college because I hyperextended my knee so badly it was impossible to do any Yoga positions. It's been 3 weeks, and I'm still healing.


This article is really helpful to me. My ballet teacher pointed out that I have hyperextended knees. Also I have problems in Triangle pose, especially rising out of the pose because my knees get locked in. Need to practice more with these tips in mind. Ta :).

Caroline K.

Great article, I have been doing yoga for a month now (daily) and while I know it should hurt a little, my body was experiencing a few changes such as pulled hamstrings and bad knee pains that just didn't seem right (neither of which I had prior to yoga). While yoga cured a pinched nerve for me it also did much damage because all teachers advised me 'lock the knee' -bad, bad, bad if you have hyper-extensive joints. Your article is a great guide to work around the problem, I have been looking for answers for a while, you even explained the strange hamstring pain.


I was wondering if these corrective notes are also applicable to someone who has previously hyperextended their knee playing sports. I did so years ago and some yoga poses seem to reactivate the feeling of looseness in the knee joint.


I once heard that the in breathing if you find it difficult to inhale, philosophically, you have a hard time receiving, and if it is easier to exhale, you may be prone to giving too much of yourself away.

Have you heard of such a theory that applies to hyper extension? It would interesting to know, something to be mindful and gently aware of.


Joe Reisinger

Julie, Thanks for this great article. I am pretty new to Yoga, or even caring for my body in any respect, (which accounts for its current shape - unfortunately!), and have been a little perplexed as to just what was meant by hyperextension of the knee joint. While I am fortunate enough to have already "kissed enough frogs" to have now found some good teachers, the last instructor I asked about this gave me one of those snap answers that "to get the benefit from a straight leg pose, you're leg has got to be straight (he didn't articulate the inferred word 'dummy' at the end of his sentence.)"

Your article did much to assist in my understanding of what is meant by the terms and the significance it holds.

As any author occasionally wonders if their work and effort is actually benefiting anyone, certainly yours has benefited me in this case. For that, I thank you very much. - Joe Reisinger

Julie Howard

I am a yoga teacher and I am very excited about your new website with the plethora of information at our fingertips. And also with the ease of printing all this wonderful information. Congratulations on a job well done. keep up the good work. warmly Julie


The bone below my knee sticks out is that from hyperextension?

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