12 Yoga Poses to Spark Creativity

Creatives within the yoga community tell YJ what inspires and charges their innovative energy.

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  • Easy Pose

    Easy Pose


    Our connection to nature is where we find our greatest inspiration. Somewhere inside we speak a similar language of creativity with the trees, the water and the wind. By being with this stillness and quieting our thoughts of what we think we know, we begin to remember our connection to it all.

    Sea Stars
    Katie Gray & Kurt Baumann, musicians

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  • Asana Unplugged

    Asana Unplugged

    Vajrasana, variation

    When I fall to my knees it reminds me that I am just a spoke in the wheel. The world is enormous and it doesn't need me. I need her! I am here to serve her, to surrender to her and ultimately melt back into her. From this place of "awe" I'm most open, most awake and most creative. I use the guitar to express that love and reverence I have for my great Mother Earth, although I'm still crae crae.

    Eric Paskel
    Founder of Yoga Shelter, musician, presenter at YJ LIVE!

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  • Headstand


    Salamba Sirsasana

    Headstand is known as “The King of all poses” because of its incredibly powerful health and energetic benefits, but for me this pose is the “King of Creativity.” Headstand is my savior anytime I’m feeling stuck in the creative process. A block in creativity usually comes from an inability to see your reality from a different angle. When I’m feeling stuck or blocked while writing my music, I always hop into this pose and chant mantras to transform my sate of limited thinking. Headstand instantly opens a new realm of perspective and possibility and unlocks my creativity in the most magical ways. 

    Justin Michael Williams
    Yoga teacher, YJ Business of Yoga expert, singer, presenter at YJ LIVE!

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  • Easy Pose

    Easy Pose


    Can you describe the place where your thoughts come from? They float into my mind on the breeze and don't really seem like my own. Some artists say that they are vessels or conduits for creative energy, and that's exactly how I feel. It almost feels more like I'm uninhibited by the obstacles that prevent people from making their ideas a reality. Closing my eyes or becoming silent focuses my creative energy and it feels like I'm being flooded with inspiration. 

    Pan Trinity Das
    Spiritual pop artist

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  • Magic Handstand

    Magic Handstand

    Adho Mukha Vrksasana, variation

    It is extremely energizing and makes me feel like flying. When the shoulders open to the limit, the fingers lift naturally off the floor, and the whole body balances on the heels of the hands. The few seconds I can manage to stay are pure magic.

    Wari Om
    AcroYoga teacher and photographer

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  • Crow Pose Jump Back

    Crow Pose Jump Back

    Bakasana to Chaturanga

    The single most inspirational pose for me is a Bakasana press float back. I can never try to do it. It is something that only happens when I drop deep into my practice, fully relax and let go. And when I fully drop into my yoga, I begin to fly. This is when the creative cortex of my brain is stimulated, increasing divergent thinking, creative expression, focus, and confidence.

    Robert Sturman

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  • Monkey Pose, aka The Splits

    Monkey Pose, aka The Splits


    The Splits help me with creativity and inspiration, opening in many directions with ease from the center.

    Tara Stiles
    Founder of Strala Yoga, designer of Reebok's yoga line, author, and knitter extraordinaire

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  • Easy Pose

    Easy Pose


    A few years ago I began an artistic journey to paint 10,000 Buddhas. This image of all the Buddhas meditating together speaks to the power of community, and how, not just one of us, but all of us, have the ability to become enlightened beings.

    Amanda Giacomini
    Yoga Toes Studio Co-Founder, artist, illustrator, and YJ LIVE! presenter

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  • Camel Pose

    Camel Pose


    Most of my artistic inspiration comes from the happiest place in my heart. The Camel is the asana that opens my heart and makes that place easy to access. Whenever I practice The Camel, I laugh in happiness. It also reminds me of many funny things I saw in my yoga retreats to India and the beautiful people I met on the way.
    Fashion designer

  • Compass Pose

    Compass Pose

    Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana

    This pose is everything. It opens my hips and hamstring, and helps me with my posture by lengthening my spine, but most of all it opens my heart and makes me feel invincible.

    Bibi McGill
    Beyoncé's guitarist, a yoga teacher, and an all-around rock star

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  • Pigeon Pose

    Pigeon Pose

    For me, the pose that births creativity is the humble pigeon in full prone position. We all contain creative possibilities, but our mental-emotional blocks get in the way. The challenging descent into this deep hip-opener brings me face to face with the fears and false beliefs that bind me. When I let go and release into the pose, the generative energy of the sacral chakra flows forth. As I wrote in my poem ‘Bird song’:

    Yet if I twine my thigh into a nest,
    Sinking my hips to rest on Mother Earth,
    Fear’s grip is eased, breath stills within my breast,
    Grief’s cold shell cracks, the heart pecks free to birth.

    Monty Brower
    Writer , poet, and illustrator of The Earthen Vessel: Poems of Yoga and Meditation

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  • Meditation


    The more I meditate on the creator the more creative I am. Creativity is like an endless stream, always flowing. Thanks to yoga, everyday I feel myself becoming more and more equipped to harness that creative power.

    MC Yogi
    Yoga Toes Studio Co-Founder, hip-hop artist, and YJ LIVE! presenter

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