3-Step Core Prep for Side Crow Pose (Parsva Bakasana)

  • Kathryn Budig demonstrates how a blanket can help you tap the core strength needed to soar into Parsva Bakasana.

    Last week I showed you how the humble yoga blanket can be your secret weapon for getting into Crow Pose (Bakasana). Not there yet? Use it to build the core support you need and it will come. This week, I’ll demonstrate how to use the blanket to approach Bakasana’s twisted brother Parsva Bakasana.

    TRY 3-Step Core Prep for Crow Pose (Bakasana)

  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Fold a yoga blanket in half length-wise (so it looks like a yoga mat), then fold it in half, then in half once again. Come into Plank Pose on a hardwood floor with your feet together on the blanket. Swing your heels towards the right as you begin to pivot in your waist.

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  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Keep your triceps firming in as you bend your knees and drag them towards your right arm.

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  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Hug your knees in tight enough for your right knee to touch your left arm. Keep them tight to your chest with your inner thighs hugging. Hold for a breath and then slide back into plank. Repeat on the second side and do 5 rounds per side.

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  • Step 4

    Step 4

    Side Crow Pose (Parsva Bakasana)

    After you bring your knee to the back of your arm, continue to gaze forward and snuggle your knees higher up your arm. Lean forward as you bend your elbows to sweep your feet and shins parallel to the ground. Lightly place yourself back onto the ground and slide back into plank. Repeat on the second side.

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  • About Kathyrn Budig

    About Kathyrn Budig

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