8 Mudra and Reiki Hand Positions for Instant Calm

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These mudra and Reiki hand positions 
can be used in tandem with the Yees’ asana sequence or separately to help you find calm. Start with San Mukhi Mudra to turn your senses inward and quiet your mind. (Place the tips of your index and middle fingers at the bridge of your nose, and your ring fingers at the top of the bulbous part of your nose. Your pinky fingers are at the corners of your mouth, and your thumbs are slightly pressing your inner-ear flaps.) Then practice the eight Reiki positions. Reiki is a Japanese energy-balancing technique. It has been a powerful Urban Zen Integrative Therapy modality in hospital settings, explains Rodney Yee. “We forget that simple human contact changes the chemistry of everything,” he says. Best of all, you can self-administer Reiki. Traditionally, a practitioner would hold each hand position for 3 minutes.