The Best Yoga Mats of 2016

Ah, the yoga mat: It’s arguably the only piece of equipment you really need to practice, and it can make or break a class. Start sliding all over a too-slick surface and there goes your alignment; try to hold Low Lunge on a too-thin mat and bam: knee pain. Yet with so many options when it comes to materials, designs, and price, it can be tough to single out The One. That’s why we tested the new crop—so you don’t have to. Use our guide to find your mat match, and in honor of September's National Yoga Month, enter now to win one of our favorites.

  • Have Mat, Will Travel

    Have Mat, Will Travel

    On the road a lot? Jade’s new Voyager mat takes up about as much space in your suitcase as a pair of folded jeans—and at 1.7 pounds, it’s lighter. We also love the YOGO Mat Ultralight, which has a built-in carrying handle that makes it perfect for far-away festivals.

    $35, purple mat,
    $69, green mat,

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  • Follow a Pattern

    Follow a Pattern

    Not only did the Liforme mat take no time to break in—and by “no time,” we mean the mat kept us in place from our very first Down Dog—it also has a subtle graphic that helps newbies figure out proper foot and hand placement. Bonus: It’s made from planet-friendly naturally sourced rubber.


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  • Stick to It

    Stick to It

    There’s nothing worse than your hands and feet sliding all over a mat, and our testers with the sweatiest extremities loved the stickiness of the Jade Harmony. Bonus: All of Jade’s mats are super sticky, and you can choose from vari- ous thicknesses and gorgeous colors to find one that feels customized for you.


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  • High Art

    High Art

    Want a mat that motivates by beauty and will score you compliments every time you roll it out? California-based artist Sophie Leininger hand-paints designs that she prints onto her Magic Carpet Yoga Mats. Yet these aren’t just pretty mats: Our testers didn’t slip in the slightest on the non- latex PVC surface.


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  • Teachers' Faves

    Teachers' Faves

    The Manduka Black Mat PRO ($108) and PROlite ($80, shown here in red) are the top choices of many yoga teachers for good reason: They’re sticky from the get-go, offer good cushioning, and last so long you won’t have to take advantage of the lifetime guarantee.

    $108, The Manduka Black Mat Pro,
    $80, PROlite,

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  • Earth Lovers' Delight

    Earth Lovers' Delight

    BareFoot Yoga Co.’s Original Eco Yoga jute mat is made from all-natural rubber and hessian, the material woven from jute fiber, making it one of the most sustainable on the market. Even better, our testers loved how sticky it was from the outset.


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  • Some Like It Hot

    Some Like It Hot

    Yoga Design Lab’s gorgeous Combo Mat has a suedelike towel texture on top that sops up sweat and keeps you from slipping when that hot yoga class gets super steamy.


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  • The Cal-King Mat

    The Cal-King Mat

    PrAna’s Large E.C.O. Yoga Mat is a generous 76 inches long by 30 inches wide—perfect for tall yogis or simply spreading (way) out in Savasana.


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  • Light as a Feather

    Light as a Feather

    Looking for a lightweight mat to carry to class on foot or via bike or public transportation? Wai Lana’s Yogi Mat is your new portable go-to.


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  • Save Your Knees

    Save Your Knees

    At a quarter-plus-inch thick, the CALYANA Professional Yoga Mat feels downright cushy compared to most others, yet it’s still light- weight enough to tote to class without a hassle.


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  • More Bang for Your Buck

    More Bang for Your Buck

    Gaiam’s Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat is an all-around great mat, thanks to rubber-free material (read: it’s not as stinky as some rubber mats initially are) and a polyurethane top layer that wicks away moisture and provides a slip-free grip.


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  • Get a Dry-Grip

    Get a Dry-Grip

    Oftentimes, dry-grip rubber mats don’t offer much cushioning. But lululemon athletica designed The Reversible Mat 5mm to feel softer on your knees and hips in floor poses. Plus, our testers’ hands didn’t budge—no matter how hot and sweaty class got.


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  • Best Yoga Rugs

    Best Yoga Rugs

    They were used in India for centuries, and now yoga rugs are a growing trend. Our testers loved Yogasana’s Earth Yoga Mat and Barefoot Yoga Co.’s Extra Long Mysore Practice Rug. Both have a tight weave that feels smooth on hands and feet, and are made of grippy, 100 percent cotton that works whether palms are dry or a bit moist. Bonus: They’re machine washable.

    $95, blue,
    $55, brown,

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  • The Crowd Pleaser

    The Crowd Pleaser

    Hugger Mugger’s Para Rubber Yoga Mat is the Goldilocks of the yoga-mat world: It’s just right when it comes to comfort, support, and grip. The mat is made from natural rubber that has a soft texture, its 1⁄4-inch thickness means plenty of padding, and it provides solid traction so that you won’t slip—starting with your first use.


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  • Instant Inspiration

    Instant Inspiration

    With mantras like “breathe in love,” “i am enough,” instant and “you are awesome,” Affirmats Classic and XLong mats are a great choice if you need that empowerment nudge.


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  • Multitasker


    It’s a double-duty genius: Kulae’s Elite Hybrid mat combines a mat and towel in one, with the top layer made from a sweat-absorbant bamboo/microfiber blend and a bottom layer constructed from eco-friendly polymer environmental resin (PER) that kept the mat perfectly in place on jump-through after jump-through.


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