INSIDER PHOTOS: Off the Mat Helps Amazon Clean Up

Off the Mat Into the World (OTM)’s Seva Challenge raises awareness of environmental threats facing the Amazon. Zeroing in on Ecuador, OTM founders Seane Corn and Suzanne Sterling, and challengers who raised $20,000 each, are traveling through the country to clean up waterways and better understand the impact of oil exploration there. Here’s an insider’s flipbook of what they’re up to, and read the backstory here >

  • Donald Moncayo from Amazon Watch shows the crude oil that was left in hundreds of unlined oil pits in Ecuador causing deadly diseases for nearby communities

  • Seane Corn working away in the toxic waste pit

  • Suzanne and Seane with Amazon Watch’s Donald Moncayo and Mitch Anderson from ClearWater

  • Entire group

  • Rainforest yoga

  • A new meaning to dirty hands

  • Suzanne with Seva leader Tiffany Rosso on a jungle hike

  • A Cofan village elder looks on during presentation of one of ClearWater's catchment systems

  • Canoe ride along the Agua Rico River

  • Off the Mat team pushing a bus through a particularly muddy patch in the road

  • Working together

  • Clean water catchment system in an Ecuadorian village

  • Teamwork