Seane Corn Interviews Yoga Community + Social Justice Leaders

This yearlong series of interviews conducted by guest editor Seane Corn, founder of the yoga service organization Off the Mat, Into the World, features different leaders in yoga service and social-justice work. Everyone profiled here will join Corn in teaching a workshop on yoga for social change at Yoga Journal LIVE! in Estes Park, Colorado, September 27-30. 

Kerri Kelly

A former corporate executive turned yoga teacher, community organizer, and political disrupter shares her method for finding and activating your unique passion on the yoga mat and beyond.

Marianne Manilov, Community Organizer

Community organizer Marianne Manilov, a co-founder of The Engage Network, breaks down the practice 
of creating sustainable 
social change.

Marianne Elliott

A onetime lawyer shares how yoga can help sustain human rights advocates and workers.

Melody Moore

A clinical psychologist shares how yoga can help people embrace their emotions and embody self-love.

Extended Interview with Melody Moore

Learn more about the personal journey and vision of Melody Moore, PhD, RYT, who founded the Embody Love Movement in 2012 to use yoga as a transformational tool for embracing inner beauty.

Holistic Life Foundation Founders

A trio grows a yoga foundation 
for inner-city youths to help them get in touch with who they really are and build empathy and compassion for others.

Extended Interview with Andres Gonzalez + Brothers Ali Shah Rasool and Atman Ananda Smith

Here, learn more about the personal journey of Andres Gonzalez and the brothers Ali Shah Rasool and Atman Ananda Smith, founders of the Holistic Life Foundation.

Jacoby Ballard, yoga and Buddhism teacher

Find ways to 
transform personal struggles 
into an opportunity for healing others.

Extended Interview with Jacoby Ballard

Learn more about the personal journey of Jacoby Ballard and the tools and practices he uses to do social justice work and to support and welcome marginalized groups into the yoga community.

Tessa Hicks Peterson, Social Justice Educator

A social-justice educator shares tips on how to move from raising your consciousness about inequalities and biases to taking actions that improve the world.

Extended Interview with Tessa Hicks Peterson

Learn more about Tessa Hicks Peterson’s perspective on the connection between yoga and social justice.

Hala Khouri, Yoga Service Leader

Yoga teacher and somatic counselor Hala Khouri explains why, if you want to heal the world, you have start by healing yourself.

Extended Interview with Hala Khouri

This is an extension of the interview that first appeared in the January/February 2015 issue of Yoga Journal. Here, go deeper and learn more about Hala's journey to a career in somatic therapy and trauma-informed yoga.

Seane Corn is an internationally renowned vinyasa yoga teacher and Yoga Journal Events presenter.

Outside of the retreats and classes she teaches, works with her Off the Mat, Into the World program, which has brought yoga to political conventions, at-risk youth, and the impoverished communities in Cambodia, South Africa, Uganda, Haiti, and India.

Off the Mat, Into the World

Seane Corn, co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World, talks about working in orphanages in Cambodia and other work the organization has done to help the yoga community. 

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to utilizing the tools of yoga and somatic practices within a justice framework to inspire people to be conscious leaders of change.

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