Watch + Learn: 10 Yoga Videos to Build a Better Practice

Set a strong foundation for your yoga practice with these how-to videos that walk you through basic poses. Strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, and work on alignment to achieve peak asanas.

Perfect your sun salutation before beginning the rest of your yoga practice.

Bonus: A playlist to start your day

This simple but powerful pranayama technique will help balance your energy before meditation.

Cleanse your body and clear your mind with poses that heat and create space in your body. (Think: better digestion and mental clarity.)

Engage your core and upper back, and work your legs to hold steady in Plank Pose.

Try these helpful tips and warm-ups from Tara Stiles in preparation for Hanumanasana.

Help ignite a downward flow of energy through the waist and legs to dissipate built-up vata.

Ease back pain, promote agility, and say goodbye to negative emotions with this hip-opening sequence.

Try this short but effective flow to get in touch with your energy centers.

It may look easy, but the full benefits of Corpse Pose come with finding complete release. Here's how.

This sequence will stabilize your base and strengthen your arms, helping you to expand into Wild Thing.