Classical Music and Yoga

A classical music station in New York creates special playlists for yoga studios in celebration of Bach.

In today’s yoga studio, one is bound to hear all kinds of music: Indian-inspired mantras, rock, pop, hip hop, South American flutes, wind chimes, didgeridoo, and even dub step. But it’s not every day that we hear great classical music when we’re holding our Downward-Facing Dogs.

WQXR, a classical radio station in New York, is looking to change that. As part of its 10-day Bach 360°Festival—a festival that celebrates J.S. Bach’s birthday and is aimed at developing new classical music listeners through modern, innovative programming—the station released two exclusively-curated Bach playlists for yoga teachers to play in their classes at participating yoga studios in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The program name? “Bach Yoga: Pose and Flow with the Baroque Master.”

WQXR General Manager and Vice President Graham Parker thought that the contemplative vibe of Bach’s masterpieces would be a perfect fit for yoga practice. The playlists, one for restorative and one for flow classes, were developed by a copywriter at the station who is also a yoga teacher.

The festival runs until March 31. For a complete schedule of classes, and a glimpse at the full playlist, go to the WQXR site.  A limited amount of free downloads are available for each playlist, but they must be requested by a representative from a yoga studio. To request a free download, send an email to Will Jameson at