Not Your Girlfriend’s Yoga


What if you could be more virile than Hugh
Hefner, more motivated than Tony Robbins, calmer than Buddha and cooler
than James Bond?”

Got your attention? That’s the hook for a new yoga conference just for men. Activation: Yoga for Men Conference will be held in San Francisco Nov. 11-13, and, as the flier predicts: This is not your girlfriend’s yoga.

The conference, a collaboration between the International Yoga Therapy Conference and the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend, is an effort to introduce this ancient practice to modern men, providing them with tools that the conference organizers believe are exactly what today’s men need.

Presenters Scott Blossom, Ed Harrold, Carl Speizer, Antonio Sausys, and Mark Schillinger will tackle topics including focusing willpower, improving sexual health, increasing masculine wisdom and spiritual strength, and creating healthy daily routines.
“Since yoga was once primarily the domain of men, we believe the way to lure men back is by creating confidential and sacred spaces where they can reveal themselves unmasked,” organizers Sausys and Schillinger explain on the event website. “This will give men the opportunity to practice yoga in ways that meet their unique psychological,
physiological and anatomical needs.”