Yoga Flash Mobs Get Attention


To celebrate turning 40, yoga teacher Sadie Nardini wants to make a splash:  A flash mob in New York’s Times Square.

Nardini has called for 40+ women of all shapes and sizes to gather at noon Aug. 18, strip down to their “boy shorts and tops” to show the world that 40 can be fabulous.

“I wanted the 91 percent of people who don’t do yoga–yet–to notice the rockin’ anti-aging, fitness and confidence benefits of the practice,” Nardini told Buzz. “Instead of having a midlife crisis, we are inviting fierce 40-plus yogis to create a midlife transformation!”

Flash mobs have become increasingly popular and yoga flash mobs are part of that trend. From events on college campuses to London’s Trafalgar Square, it’s a sure-fire way to get attention, whether it’s for a cause or just to create some buzz and change the conversation. On Aug. 24, New York City’s Storm Yoga, a non-profit organization that offers free yoga classes throughout the city, will hold a 3-4 minute Savasana Flash Mob in Grand Central Station, to demonstrate the power of simple stillness.  

For those who witness a flash mob unfold, there’s an undeniable hypnotic, calming effect to watching a group of yogis silently come together and practice in unison. Like doing yoga itself. And that’s an impression that lingers.

Have you ever participated in a yoga flash mob? What was it like?

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