The Sweet Simplicity of OM


Sometimes we humans make things harder than they have to be. 

I truly understand this while putting my kids to bed. If they are having trouble, the evening can go downhill, rapidly. I struggle to find a solution: Cry it out? Pacifier? A new blanket? I get irritated, and start to feel sorry for myself. 

That’s when I remember Om. Slowly and in a soft voice, I start to chant OM. 

It doesn’t matter if my kids are cranky, teething, pissed off, or overtired. Whatever their state, they automatically calm down when I chant OM. 

Sweet simplicity. Sweet surrender. I sometimes think remembering is the only thing that matters. So I try to keep things simple, sweet. In my daily life–especially during the holiday season–I come back to OM. When I’m being pushed around in the supermarket, fighting for a parking spot, or just plain frazzled, I search for simplicity. 


I don’t need a complex mantra. I don’t need  a 10-day vipassana retreat. 



Only two letters. 

We want to know: What happens when you remember Om?