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Yoga for a Strong Core

Core Focus

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Work your core and benefit all your movements with this dynamic, energizing practice.

The exercise instructions and advice presented in this video are designed for people who are in good health and physically fit. They are not intended to substitute for medical counseling. The creators, producers, participants, and distributors of Yoga Journal disclaim any liability for loss or injury in connection with the exercises shown or the instruction and advice expressed.

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Flying Warrior Flow
We know that truth is relative; you can choose what you want yours to be. When you're feeling blah, it's easy to believe the negative. Why not turn that notion upside down by practicing making yourself feel as fluid and juicy as possible on the mat? Find empowerment through fluid movement—and honoring what feels right to you—in this standing flow practice.
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Core Focus
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Reader Comments

Lena Francis

Thank you, Yoga Journal for all the great videos and special events that you have. They all help me to keep well and happy. I especially liked the Willpower event that was recently available online with Kelly McGonegal. I love working with her, Jason Crandall, Rebecca Urbin, and Alanna Kaivalya.
I am frustrated by the way the site works, though. I spend a lot of time trying to find my way around. I can usually work that all out but I am stumped as to how to save my favorite videos to My Yoga Journal. I sign in, >save to my yoga Journal>This video has been saved to My Yoga Journal but when I sign in next time, on my home page, it says that I have no saved anything. Also, after it tells me that the video has been saved to My Yoga Journal, I see no link to click on to go to My Yoga Journal. Help! Am I missing something?
Thank you again - I also subscribe to your magazine and love it/share it.
Lena Francis

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