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Upwardly Mobile

Love yoga but can't handle the strain on your wrists or shoulders? This flow sequence is for you.

Prep for Flying Crow
Tips to get into Eka Pada Galavasana.
Prep for the Splits
Tara Stiles leads us through the steps to the ultimate split.
Marichyasana III
Tone your core and keep your spine supple with this powerful twist.
Core Sun Salutations
This redesign of the traditional vinyasa can be done between standing poses to ramp up the intensity of your practice. Learn to wave smoothly from your foundation, through your center, and up your spine and out to full expression, all the while protecting your low back by engaging your core.
Flying Warrior Flow
We know that truth is relative; you can choose what you want yours to be. When you're feeling blah, it's easy to believe the negative. Why not turn that notion upside down by practicing making yourself feel as fluid and juicy as possible on the mat? Find empowerment through fluid movement—and honoring what feels right to you—in this standing flow practice.
Double Time Flow
Don't have time for an hour-long practice? No problem. In this practice, you'll do double-time and work both your upper and lower body in each pose.
Go-Slow and Feel-It Flow
This practice is all about feeling the burn, and moving toward it. You're going to fire up your lower body, fatiguing each side with Side Angle Pose and its variations, followed by twists. When your glutes and quads start screaming, embrace the sensation and play your transformative edge mindfully. Watch what happens.
Learn the subtle alignment points that bring you total relaxation.
sean johnson
Sean Johnson's Contemplative Practice
Moving slowly and with intention infuses your practice with a nourishing ritualistic element.
YJ LiveMag MC Baptiste Aug 2011
Peak Form
Follow along with Baron Baptiste in this audio practice of Ardha Chandra Chapasana.
LiveMag MC Sept 2011
Drawn Inside
Your mind and senses pull inward when you practice Tortoise Pose.
Heavenly Rest
Tune into this audio recording to lead you deeply into Savasana.
parsvottanasana HP
Between the Lines
Set boundaries with your alignment for freedom in Parsvottanasana.
LiveMag Mar 2012 MC
Peaceful Revolution
Balance discipline with kindness to twist more deeply.
Lightness of Being
Tune in to learn to balance steady in Headstand.
MC August 2012 HP
Laid Back
Learn to relax and recline into Vishnus Pose.
shoulder stretch
Positive Spin
When you focus on simple actions, this challenging twist becomes sweetly charming.
Head-of-the-Knee Pose
This one-legged forward bend will help you find extension in the spine.
Upward Extended Foot Pose
Master this ultimate core-strengthener.
Hip-Opening Sequence for Meditation
Try these hip-opening poses to prepare for meditation.
Standing Sequence for Meditation
Try this 5-minute sequence of standing poses to prepare to sit in meditation.
Supine Sequence for Meditation
This 5-minute sequence of supine poses will get you ready to sit in meditation.
Supported Sukhasana
Learn how to use props for meditating in Easy Pose.
Extended Side Angle Pose
Focus your mind as you stretch your entire body.
Half Moon Pose
Root down and reach out with this full-body pose.
Back in Action
Open up with a revitalizing sequence that strengthens the back body.
Down to Earth
Let go of the day's tension with this floor-based class.
Plank Pose
Hold yourself together in this foundational posture.
Chatush Padasana
Create a steady and even foundation while opening into a soothing backbend.
Open Season
Rid tension and support the body's cleansing process with this springtime sequence.
Root down to stay strong no matter what comes your way.
Easy Pose
Sukhasana encourages a relaxed but alert state of mind.
Warrior I Pose
This powerful standing pose requires focus and determination.
Poise in Action
Build strength and confidence as you learn to balance in challenging poses.
Motivation-Activation Flow Practice
Tap into and direct your energy to awaken your willpower.
Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
Stay present in this feel-good twist to glean the full benefit.
Move Yourself Merry!
Release tension along your spine and feel your energy flow.
Calm Interior
Come within and leave the world outside with forward folds.
Ready for Liftoff
Stoke your inner fire and increase your vitality as you work up to Side Crane Pose.
Standing Hip-Openers
Feel your energy flow with this sequence by Baron Baptiste.
Sitting Pretty
Prepare your body for meditation with this slow flow from Baron Baptiste.
Bound Angle Pose
Play your edge in this skillful seated posture.
Glide Through Summer
A yoga sequence to prepare you for favorite water sports.
Down Dog
Have a minute? Stretch your backbody with this foundational pose.
Get Into Your Groove
Get grounded as you move through this chakra-aligning practice.
Up and Away
Kathryn Budig offers tips to make arm balances easy to achieve.
Salute the Sun
Celebrate each new day with Surya Namaskar.
Sun Salutation: Surya Namaskar B
Try this popular version of the famous yoga sequence.
Salute the Sun, modified
Watch a gentler modification of Surya Namaskar.
Wide-Legged Forward Bend
Watch a video demonstration of this key yoga posture.
Hot Wheel
Learn to cultivate steadiness under any circumstance through Urdhva Dhanurasana.
Flight Plan
Integrate all the seemingly disparate parts that make up Visvamitrasana, and soar into this incredible pose.
Cobra Pose
Create a long, even backbend to stay safe in Bhujangasana.
Moon Shine
Get your inner glow on with gently flowing Moon Salutations.
Stand Strong
Find steadiness inside and out with this powerful leg-strengthening sequence.
Chair Pose
Feel the fiery power of Utkatasana while cultivating a cool mind.
Lift On Up
Open your shoulders in preparation for Shoulderstand with help from this video demonstration.
Grounding Grooves
Find your center amid a whirlwind life with this adaptable sequence of poses.
Steady as She Goes
Learn to stay balanced no matter what with this fun practice by Shannon Paige Schneider.
Solar Powered
Try this Yin Yoga sequence to harness the energy of the sun.
Restorative Sequence
This restorative sequence will support your body and mind during a detox, or any time.
Seated and Floor-Based Flow
Move energy through your hips and lower body in this floor-based sequence.
Energize the Pelvis and Legs
This gentle floor-based sequence will move energy through your pelvis and legs.
Standing and Backbending Sequence
This sequence will open the hips and low back, and move energy throughout your body.
Standing Vinyasa Flow
This flowing sequence will help ignite a downward flow of energy through the lower body.
Standing Poses and Forward Folds
Practice coordinating movement to breath through this series of standing and forward-folding poses.
Hip Openers and Twists
This sequence will help open the hips and low back.
Chest-Opening Wave Breath
A gentle shoulder exercise to improve posture in your upper back.
Jason Crandell guides us through the steps leading to this challenging arm balance.
Standing Poses
Try this sequence by Jason Crandell to perfect your standing poses.
Hip Release
This sequence by Rebecca Urban will relieve tension around your hips.
Fun Flow Practice
Get warm and energized with this dynamic vinyasa flow sequence by Elise Lorimer.
Core Focus
Create stability through the center of your body with this energizing sequence by Rebecca Urban.
Work deeply into your hips and legs as you move toward Monkey Pose.
Evening Sequence
Wind down from your day with this relaxing sequence by Kate Holcombe.
Tension Release Practice
Unwind from your day with this sequence by Elise Lorimer.
Morning Sequence
Kate Holcombe guides us through this gently energizing practice.
Wheel Pose
Take the steps leading to Urdhva Dhanurasana with this sequence by Jason Crandell.
Forward-Bending Practice
Learn to align and refine forward-folding poses in this sequence by Elise Lorimer.
Side-Bending Sequence
This side-bending sequence by Jason Crandell will help you create length and spaciousness in your entire side body.
Shoulder-Opening Sequence
Release tension in the neck and shoulders with this gentle seated practice by Kate Holcombe.
Bird By Bird
Open your hips and extend your spine in preparation for Eka Pada Rajakapotasana IV (One-Legged King Pigeon Pose IV).
Inner Directions
The journey to Parivrttaikapada Sirsasana (Revolved Split-Legged Headstand) will help you discover the core of your being.
Comfort and Joy
Take a break from the holiday bustle with this restorative, rejuvenating sequence.
Heart Wide Open
A stable base and strong arms can help you expand joyfully into Wild Thing.
Healthy Twist
Try this torso-toning sequence for better digestion.
Vishnu's Repose
Find inner poise in Anantasana, a pose dedicated to the deity said to preserve and sustain the universe.
Side Crane
Have fun as you use twists to prepare for a challenging arm balance.
Hip Enough?
Release negative emotions and improve your alignment by opening your hips.
Happy Days
This playful sequence will draw you out of your mind and into your heart.
Summer Break
This energizing sequence will help you tone and strengthen your entire body.
Mountain Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Tadasana.
Tree Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Vrksasana.
Warrior II Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Virabhadrasana II.
Extended Side Angle Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Utthita Parsvakonasana.
Extended Triangle Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Utthita Trikonasana.
Chair Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Utkatasana.
Half-Moon Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Ardha Chandrasana.
Warrior I Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Virabhadrasana I.
Standing Forward Bend
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Uttansana.
Wide-Leg Standing Forward Bend
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Prasarita Padottanasana.
Revolved Triangle Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Parivrtta Trikonasana.
Locust Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Salabhasana.
Bridge Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Setu Bandha Sarvangasana.
Plank Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Plank Pose.
Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Supta Padangusthasana.
Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Upavista Konasana.
Bound Angle Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Baddha Konasana.
Four-Limbed Staff Pose to Upward-Facing Dog Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Chaturanga Dandasana to Urdhva Mukha Svansana.
Corpse Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Savasana.
Easy Pose with Twist
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Sukhasana.
Marichyasana III
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Marichyasana III.
Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Ardha Matsyendrasana.
Head-of-the-Knee Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Janu Sirsasana.
Shoulder Openers
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of this 4-part shoulder-opening series.
Full Boat Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Paripurna Navasana.
Child's Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Balasana.
Downward-Facing Dog Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Adho Mukha Svanasana.
Hero Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Virasana.
Inversion Essentials
Build core strength as you learn to skillfully move into Headstand I, Tripod Headstand, and Handstand.
Move and Sweat
Kathryn Budig gets your heart rate up with this fun and powerful sequence.
Gentle Flow
Keep your energy up this holiday season with a easy, revitalizing sequence by Kathryn Budig.
Twist and Detox
Give your digestive system a natural boost with this twisting, detoxifying practice by Kathryn Budig.
Strengthen Your Core
This short core sequence will fire up the abs, build strength, and build confidence.
Morning Sequence
This energizing sequence by Jason Crandell is the perfect way to start your day.
Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-Facing Dog)
Get step-by-step guidance through Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-Facing Dog) and learn to correct common errors.
Strong Armed
Try this sequence by Jason Crandell to awaken and strengthen the arms.
Energizing Yoga
Give yourself a boost with this invigorating practice by Jason Crandell.
Deep Hip Openers
Gain flexibility and greater comfort in your hips with Jason Crandell.
Standing Poses
Build a strong foundation for your entire asana practice with this sequence by Jason Crandell.
Open Shoulders
Unwind your shoulders and experience freedom in your entire upper body with Jason Crandell.
Balancing Poses
Learn to root through your core to gain the stability and strength you need to balance with Jason Crandell.
Forward-Bending Sequence
This sequence of forward bends by Jason Crandell will create openness in the back of the legs.
Core Strength
Cultivate abdominal awareness, strength, and tone with this practice from Jason Crandell.
Gentle Backbends
Learn to create even motion along the spine in this practice of easy backbends by Jason Crandell.
Evening Relaxation Sequence
Relax with this gentle practice by Jason Crandell.
Awakening Sequence
Unwind and energize with this gentle flow sequence by Jason Crandell.
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