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Moon Shine

Get your inner glow on with gently flowing Moon Salutations.

Core Sun Salutations
This redesign of the traditional vinyasa can be done between standing poses to ramp up the intensity of your practice. Learn to wave smoothly from your foundation, through your center, and up your spine and out to full expression, all the while protecting your low back by engaging your core.
Flying Warrior Flow
We know that truth is relative; you can choose what you want yours to be. When you're feeling blah, it's easy to believe the negative. Why not turn that notion upside down by practicing making yourself feel as fluid and juicy as possible on the mat? Find empowerment through fluid movement—and honoring what feels right to you—in this standing flow practice.
Double Time Flow
Don't have time for an hour-long practice? No problem. In this practice, you'll do double-time and work both your upper and lower body in each pose.
Go-Slow and Feel-It Flow
This practice is all about feeling the burn, and moving toward it. You're going to fire up your lower body, fatiguing each side with Side Angle Pose and its variations, followed by twists. When your glutes and quads start screaming, embrace the sensation and play your transformative edge mindfully. Watch what happens.
Use a Chair for Meditation
Learn proper alignment when meditating in a chair.
Open Season
Rid tension and support the body's cleansing process with this springtime sequence.
Poise in Action
Build strength and confidence as you learn to balance in challenging poses.
Get Into Your Groove
Get grounded as you move through this chakra-aligning practice.
Hot Wheel
Learn to cultivate steadiness under any circumstance through Urdhva Dhanurasana.
Chair Pose
Feel the fiery power of Utkatasana while cultivating a cool mind.
Grounding Grooves
Find your center amid a whirlwind life with this adaptable sequence of poses.
Steady as She Goes
Learn to stay balanced no matter what with this fun practice by Shannon Paige Schneider.
Chest-Opening Wave Breath
A gentle shoulder exercise to improve posture in your upper back.
Happy Days
This playful sequence will draw you out of your mind and into your heart.
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